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December 3rd: Snow, Stars, and Shapes


"A completely CSS/HTML playable version of the game Quarto" from Mike Golus.

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Time as Color

See what color o'clock it is with this Pen from Antoinette Janus. "This Pen takes three time components (hour, minute, and second) and converts time to an rgb color. Hour maps to Red, minute to Blue, and second to Green."

Glass Block Effect

Thibaud Goiffon splits, shifts, and blurs an image from Sebastian Bieniek's "Doublefaced" series in this psychedelic Pen.

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#CodePenChallenge: Dinosaurs

We wrapped up the Animals challenge with a trip to the past! Check out the Pens from the Dinosaurs challenge, including Adam Kuhn's "Strumasaurus".

Snowworker Example

Chris Neale's "Snowworker" effect "uses a worker and a sharedArrayBuffer to keep things moving quickly, so it shouldn't block your UI thread". And it has an option to let the snow settle at the top of elements, too!

Book cover - SVG text + Writing Mode

Cameron Fitzwilliam recreates the striking cover of Mark Goldman's "City on the Edge" with SVG and CSS. Check out the clever use of `writing-mode` on the spine.


Luciano Felix lights up the page with a torch built with isomer.js.

Only CSS: Shooting Star

Yusuke Nakaya shares a cascade of shooting stars in this gorgeous demonstration of SCSS.

Each New Flame

A beautiful pixelated blaze from Gerard Ferrandez. Check out the comment thread for details on how it was done and interesting forks!

Olly Moss Star Wars Diorama - v2

Mike Quinn slices up a poster by Olly Moss and reassembles it for the front-end with intriguing parallax motion.

shape-outside: polygon + SVG

Gabi's interactive demo helps visualize how `shape-outside` works. Click and drag the circles to reshape the polygon, and watch the text flow along with it.

Doggo Photo Printer

"Press the power button to switch on the printer and automatically print a photo of a random doggo. Click on the print-out to open the image in a lightbox" from George W. Park.