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This week: Silky Smooth Checkboxes, Shimmering Text, and Marquee Tricks

Build local-first web apps

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Drag & drop user journeys for your app

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Parallax 3D Cards Carousel

Swipe through a coverflow inspired undersea carousel from TheMOZZARELLA, complete with a parallaxing school of fish in the background.

A Gooey Marquee

Amit Sheen shares a gooey, ghostly CSS text effect. "I [...] tried a couple of things, and ended up using two layers of text, one with the effect, and a clean one on top so that the text remains readable."

#CodePenChallenge: Leaping Likes

The CodePen challenge leapt at the opportunity to make fun like animations for the 2nd week of our Leap Year challenge! Check out our collection for week two, including including Pens from Austin Larson, Jesse Couch, Pedro Ondiviela, and Zim.

Silky smooth checkbox toggles with SVG.js

Josh Dillon uses SVG.js to bring us a slick trio of retro-futuristic neon toggle switches with offset, random, and delayed-offset animation effects.


A pulley "rope" weaves through five list items in this skillful demonstration of borders, margins, and padding from Riley Shaw.

When Animators Become Web Designers

A friendly robot unpacks all the little bits & pieces you need to make an animated website in this playful Pen and companion YouTube video from Juxtopposed.

Shimmer wave text animation

A glowing wave creates a shimmering text effect in this Sass-y Pen from Andreas Storm.

Street Name Generator

Struggling to name the streets in your idyllic suburb? leimapapa's got you covered with this whimsical street name generator. "They're not all winners".

Apple Photos icon

Stijn Van Minnebruggen mimics the eye tracking effect on the Apple Photos icon in a Vision PRO with this directionally-aware hover effect.

Focus Animation

Wakana Y.K. uses rough.js to bring a hand-crafted vibe to a focus mantra: "Finish the tasks that I started"!