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                // Center the dropdown vertically and horizontally using bootstrap flex utilities
// Scroll to the bottom inside this pane to see the array of items
    // The entry point for our Vue app
        // Notice how we have bound text to the selected value
        b-dropdown#ddown1.m-md-2(:text='selectedText', variant='warning', size='lg')
          // Add some padding to space out the form nicely inside the dropdown
            // Notice how our v-model is linked directly with the searchTerm property in the Vue instance
  'text', placeholder='Search', v-model='searchTerm')
  'outline-none', type='submit', @click.prevent='clearSearch')
          // Loop through the filtered items and if clicked select the item and clear the search
'i in filteredItems', :key='i', @click='select(i)')
            b-form-checkbox(:value='i', :key='i', v-model='selected')
              | {{split(i, searchTerm)['prefix']}}
              b {{split(i, searchTerm)['term']}}
              | {{split(i, searchTerm)['suffix']}}
          // If we have no search results display this item inside the dropdown
          b-dropdown-header(v-if='filteredItems.length === 0')
            | No results for "
            b {{searchTerm}}
            | "
      p.px-5 You selected {{selected.join(" ") || "nothing"}}



                html {
  height: 100%;

/* Make the dropdown scroll within a fixed height instead of taking all the screen */
.dropdown-menu {
  height: 256px;
  overflow-y: scroll;
  padding-top: 0;

/* Fix the search bar at the top inside the dropdown */
.dropdown-menu form {
  position: sticky;
  top: 0;
  background: white;
  z-index: 1;

/* Place the button inside the text box */
.dropdown-menu form .btn {
  position: absolute;
  right: 0;

#app p {
  position: absolute;
  left: 0;
  bottom: 0;

/* Hide vue syntax while loading */
[v-cloak] {
  display: none;



new Vue({
  el: '#app',
  data() {
    return {
      // The search term entered by the user
      searchTerm: '',
      items: rawItems,
      selectedText: 'Expand Me',
      selected: []
  computed: {
    filteredItems() {
      const filtered =  this.items
      .sort((a, b) => {
        let indexOfA = this.selected.indexOf(a)
        let indexOfB = this.selected.indexOf(b)
        if(indexOfA === -1 && indexOfB === -1) {
          return a.localeCompare(b);
        else if(indexOfB > -1 && indexOfA > -1){
          return a.localeCompare(b)
        else {
          return indexOfB - indexOfA
      .filter(i => {
        if(this.searchTerm === '') {
          return this.items
        // Compare everything after converting to lower case
        let lowerI = i.toLowerCase()
        let lowerS = this.searchTerm.toLowerCase()
        // If they are equal of if the item starts with the search term of the item ends with the search term
        return lowerI === lowerS || lowerI.startsWith(lowerS) || lowerI.endsWith(lowerS) || lowerI.includes(lowerS) || lowerS.includes(lowerI)
      return filtered;
    getSelectedText() {
      if(!this.selected) {
        return 'Expand Me'
      else if(this.selected.length === 1) {
        return this.selected[0]
      else {
        return this.selected.length + ' pairs selected'
  methods: {
    Called when the user clicks an item to select it
    Update the selected value and clear the search bar
    select(value) {
      this.selectedText = "Expand Me";
      const position = this.selected.indexOf(value)
      if(position >= 0) {
        this.selected.splice(position, 1)
      else {
    split (str, search) {
      let strL = str.toLowerCase()
      let srL = search.toLowerCase()
      return {
        prefix: strL.substr(0, strL.indexOf(srL)).toUpperCase(), 
        term: srL.toUpperCase(), 
        suffix: strL.substr(strL.indexOf(srL) + srL.length, strL.length).toUpperCase()
    clearSearch() {
      this.searchTerm = ''
  watch: {
    selected(newValue, oldValue) {
      if(newValue.length === 0) {
        this.selectedText = 'Expand Me'
      else if(newValue.length === 1) {
        this.selectedText = newValue[0];
      else {
        this.selectedText = newValue.length + ' items selected'