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Flexbox allows the content area to resize to fit the remaining space in the viewport when the menu becomes visible and takes up a chunk of the width. Forked from Oliver Knoblich's Pen Pure CSS Off Canvas Menu.

This Pen is a fork, but the parent Pen has been deleted.


  1. What do you think of putting a transition on the flex shrink value? http://codepen.io/MadeByMike/pen/GcLxm

  2. Really good work!

  3. Love the usage of the main element. Don't see that enough!

  4. I love this menu. I have noticed that it doesn't seem to work on ios 8+ (at least in the simulator) has anyone discovered a workaround?

  5. Can you help me transfering this HTML to be rendered in ReactJS. I get : "Syntax error: Expected corresponding JSX closing tag for

    " Any advice? Cheers and nice work

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