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Playing with CSS transparency and blur filter to simulate "frosted film" translucency effect featured in OS X Yosemite...

Current browser support is limited, however: http://caniuse.com/#feat=css-filters

Update 2018.04.16: Blurred :before element's size extended beyond visible bounds to eliminate blur falloff of the filter. Added $blur variable for easier manipulation.

Update 2018.05.30: Replaced jQueryUI with D3 for dragging.


  1. Brilliant work. This is a good style for widgets.

  2. The power of "background: inherit" ;-) http://codepen.io/Kseso/pen/JBrcD

  3. it is good. this is also mine :) http://codepen.io/ozer/pen/ckwyd/

  4. that's perfect there are plugin for blur but not supporting background-size: cover; which I was looking for a long time :) Thanks :)

  5. I can't seem to get this to work on my page. I pretty much copied the code verbatim (with a different background image)... Is codepen doing something fancy that I'm unaware of?

    When I directly add a background image to the article tag the blur works, but it get placed on top of the content.

  6. just remove the “-webkit-” and it will work on every browser (since SCSS readds the webkit prefix, and firefox supports prefixless filters)


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