Graphing Calculator Synced between Multi Users

Online Whiteboard for Tutors

Ziteboard is a virtual whiteboard with instant sharing. One of the main targets is online tutoring, especially math teachers love the infinite canvas and lightning fast synchronization. The workflow is super simple. The tutor create a new board to get the unique board link. The tutor can invite anyone by email from the app, or just share the public board link on any other channels. Students joins the board with their free account. Online whiteboard |

Line and Arrow tools

Drawing lines and arrows is maybe not intuitive but very convenient once you get used to is. For line, just the character 'l' and draw. Hitting the l again, you get back to free hand drawing. For arrow, hit the character 'a'. You can even combine the both for straight arrows.

How to drawing a Cartesian

Here is the simplest method. Draw a thin vertical line. Select the line by long pressing and hit ctrl + v to clone the line. The cloned line will be selected so hit ctrl + v again and again to draw a vertical grid. Now select this group of all lines by holding shift down and drag and hit ctrl + v to clone the group. Thereafter rotate this by 90 degrees and place at the right position. Check here How do I rotate? Finally, activate the straight arrow tools as described above and draw the axes.

Graph plotter add-on

Ziteboard introduced a unique feature: a real-time synchronized graph plotter. Graph Plotter |

The tutor has nothing to do but to type the expression of any function. The app will display a Cartesian with the graph of the function at both sides: tutors and student. You can reedit the expression or add more function on the same coordinate system. Since Ziteboard offers you an infinite canvas, you can place as many coordinate system with its own graphs as you want. That's why Ziteboard is loved by math, physics and science tutors.