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                // ZIM is a JavaScript Canvas Framework for coding creativity!
// - please visit to start a wonderful coding journey.
// The main site has banner sections of TEN excellent uses of ZIM.

// NOTE - we often make colorful things with shapes - that is our style
// ZIM can be used very well with images, etc. if that is your style
// sound is also no problem - but sometimes slows down CodePen's preview...

// ZIM provides many conveniences, components and controls 
// to help designers, developers and artists create interactive media 
// - why ZIM, features, applications
// - expand open any feature for info and examples

// Here are CodePen examples with comments for learning:
// - ZIM CodePen
// - ZIM Founder's CodePen

// There are also many tutorials, videos and references here:
// - ZIM Skool, ZIM Kids, ZIM Badges, etc.
// - ZIM Template, tools and more
// - join us on *** Slack *** for discussion and support

// -----------------

// ZIM is powered by CreateJS so we import CreateJS and ZIM in CodePen settings
// We make a Frame object which makes a stage on an HTML canvas 
// We then add objects to the stage and update the stage to see them 

const frame = new Frame("fit", 1024, 768, purple, purple);
frame.on("ready", ()=>{ // ES6 Arrow Function - similar to function(){}
	zog("ready from ZIM Frame"); // logs in console (F12 - choose console)

	// often need below - so consider it part of the template
	const stage = frame.stage;
	let stageW = frame.width;
	let stageH = frame.height;

	// ES6 Class that extends a ZIM Container 
	class Bee extends Container {
		constructor() {
			super(80,40); // must call superclass - CreateJS requirement
			let body = new Circle(30).siz(60,40).center(this); // this is the container
			new Tile(new Rectangle(5,60,yellow), 6, 1, 5, 0).center(body).setMask(body);
			body.cache(); // helps performance by turning vectors into bitmap
	// We have purple slants that need to match against the HTML outercolor
	// Relying on stage color can leave thin line artifact at edges during browser scaling
	// Try it if you want - comment this out and set color (first purple in Frame call) to pink
	new Rectangle(stageW, stageH, pink).addTo(); 
	// bees behind Grim
	const beesBack = new Container(stageW, stageH).rot(-5).sca(.8).alp(.6).centerReg();
	// points of Blob came from here
	const reaper = new Blob({
		// make Grim move around at SLOW speed
		.wiggle("x", stageW/2, 50, 100, 20000, 30000) // prop, start, min, max, minTime, maxTime
		.wiggle("y", stageH/2+100, 20, 50, 20000, 30000);	
	const mouth = new Circle(10, dark).sca(1,.7).rot(-10).loc(-8, -105, reaper);
	reaper.shape.cur(); // interactive false seems to keep cursor away so add to shape
	// bees in front of Grim
	const beesFront = new Container(stageW, stageH).rot(-5).centerReg();
	// move the bees along with the reaper
	// the two purple slants - fun!
	new Rectangle(stageW+500, 400, purple).reg(0,400).loc(0,0).rot(3);
	new Rectangle(stageW+500, 400, purple).loc(0,stageH).rot(-10);
	// make bees and wiggle them FAST!	
	// add some to front and some to back depending on ternary operation
	// condition?if true:if false
	// i%2==0?beesBack:beesFront
	loop(30, i=>{
		let x = rand(stageW*.4, stageW*.54); // tweaked until liked
		let y = rand(stageH*.2,stageH*.35);
		let bee = new Bee()
			.centerReg(i%2==0?beesBack:beesFront) // centerReg so goes in mouth properly
			.wiggle("x", x, 20, 400, 300, 500) // prop, start, min, max, minTime, maxTime
			.wiggle("y", y, 20, 150, 300, 500)
			.wiggle("rotation", 0, 10, 20, 1000, 2000);	
	// when clicked, animate bees into mouth
	reaper.on("click", ()=>{
	}, null, true); // just once
	function removeBees(bees) {
		bees.loop((bee, i)=>{
			// could use a series but need different location as time goes on
			timeout(i*100, ()=>{ 
				let locMouth = mouth.localToLocal(0,0, bees); // gets 0,0 of mouth in bees
					props:{x:locMouth.x, y:locMouth.y},
					call:()=>{bee.removeFrom()} // remove bee when animation is done
		}, true); // loop backwards anytime removing from container 
		// fill reaper with bee pattern ;-) 
		// this helps make a little story
		new Tile(new Rectangle(5,500,yellow), 40, 1, 5, 0)
			.ord(-1) // move under mouth in Blob
	new Label("GIVE GRIM A HEART!", 50, "impact", white).rot(-10).loc(425, 713).alp(.2);
	// we are animating so no need to update the stage
	// stage.update(); // this is needed to show any changes


	// call remote script to make ZIM Foundation for Creative Coding icon
	createGreet(null, 70);
	createCode(null, 130);

}); // end of ready