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              // ZIM is a JavaScript Canvas Framework for coding creativity!
// - please visit to start a wonderful coding journey.
// The main site has banner sections of TEN excellent uses of ZIM.

// ZIM provides many conveniences, components and controls 
// to help designers, developers and artists create interactive media 
// - why ZIM, features, applications
// - expand open any feature for info and examples

// Here are CodePen examples with comments for learning:
// - ZIM CodePen
// - ZIM Founder's CodePen

// There are also many tutorials, videos and references here:
// - ZIM Skool, ZIM Kids, ZIM Badges, etc.
// - ZIM Template, tools and more
// - join us on *** Slack *** for discussion and support

// -----------------

// ZIM is powered by CreateJS so we import CreateJS and ZIM in CodePen settings
// We make a Frame object which makes a stage on an HTML canvas 
// We then add objects to the stage and update the stage to see them 
const frame = new Frame("fit", 1024, 768, orange, darker); // see docs for other options
frame.on("ready", ()=>{ // ES6 Arrow Function - similar to function(){}
	zog("ready from ZIM Frame"); // logs in console (F12 - choose console)

	// Often need below - so consider it part of the template
	let stage = frame.stage;
	let stageW = frame.width;
	let stageH = frame.height;

	// Make a path for the create ghoul to animate along 
	// The path is editable and the animation still follows
	// See for the ZIM NIO (9) min-site 
	// with examples of animating and dragging along paths
	// also see a space game:
	// and an SVG path example:

	const path = new Squiggle({
		onTop:false, // so does not come to top (above ghoul) when editing 
		showControls:false, // start with no controls showing
		allowToggle:false, // do not do usual toggle of controls off and on
		editPoints:false, // do not allow user to add or remove points - optional
		// recorded points with keypress below
		// expand open to see the point data

	const ball = new Circle(10).rot(-90).addTo().animate({
		// animate along path 
		// zoom from 0-10 times the size from stage top to bottom 
		// decrease the speed the higher up (farther away)
		// see docs for more options
		props:{path:path, zoom:[0,12], speed:[50,100]},
	const emitter = new Emitter({
		obj:new Circle(10),
		num:mobile()?1:4, // reduce particles for mobile
		// ball is scaling so need to scale individual particles to match ball
		random:{scale:function(){return ball.scale*rand(.5,.9)}},
		// emit in direction of ball - optional (want tail to start up which is -90)
		angle:function(){return ball.rotation-90+rand(-20,20)}
	}).loc(ball).ord(-1); // under ball
	// could put emitter with its particles in ball but then all particles move with ball
	// as of ZIM 9.5.0 emitter is separate from its particles 
	// so just move emitter and leave particles alone to get proper effect
	new Label({

	// This records and shows the path if desired
	// You can also let the user's path be stored
	// with a ZIM TransformManager()
	frame.on("keydown", e=>{
		// zog(e.keyCode) // uncomment this to see keyCode of keys
		if (e.keyCode == 82) { // R
			path.recordPoints(true); // true pops up window with data

	// Optional use of ZIM STYLE
	// Any time we use series,
	// it might have been easier to use arguments
	// when making the object
	STYLE = {
				// first made gets edit, second gets hide
				label:series("edit", "hide"), 
				x:series(30, 150),
				text:series("SMALL", "BIG"),
				x:series(40, 915),
				y:series(40, 690),
				size:series(20, 40),

	// we have abstracted the styles to STYLE
	// but we could have added them directly to the components
	// which might have been more clear due to all the series
	new CheckBox().change(e=>{
	new CheckBox().change(e=>{
		path.visible = !;
	new Label();
	new Label();
	// call remote script to make ZIM Foundation for Creative Coding icon and a greet link

	stage.update(); // this is needed to show any changes


}); // end of ready
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