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                const frame = new Frame("fit", 1024, 768, blue, dark);
frame.on("ready", ()=>{ // ES6 Arrow Function - similar to function(){}
	zog("ready from ZIM Frame"); // logs in console (F12 - choose console)

	// often need below - so consider it part of the template
	const stage = frame.stage;
	const stageW = frame.width;
	const stageH = frame.height;
	// This ZIM example is at 10% the size of the delightful 
	// pen by Adir. 
	// Even if you remove the SVG, it is at 71%. 
	// And we think you will agree that ZIM is much more readable code. 

	// see for an intro example
	// see for video and code tutorials
	// see for documentation


	// draw a backing rectangle
	// note, alpha on border overlaps alpha on shape to still show border
	new Rectangle(600,550,black,black,4,70).alp(.1).center();

	// make a Nail class that extends a ZIM Container so we can put it on the stage
	class Nail extends Container {
		constructor(radius=20) {
			// this calls the Container and sets its origin and registration in the middle
			// like most circular items
			super(-radius, -radius, radius*2, radius*2);
			new Circle(radius, dark).addTo(this);
			// make the half highlight on the top
			new Circle({radius, color:silver, percent:50}).addTo(this).rot(-45);
			new Circle(radius*.85, tin).centerReg(this);
			new Rectangle(radius*2*.85, 3, dark).centerReg(this);

	// tile nails
	const radius = 16;
	const num = 9;
	const space = 20;
	const tile = new Tile(new Nail(radius), num, num, space, space).center();
	// loop through each nail and give it some adjustments
		nail.mouseChildren = false; // so target in mousedown is on nail not part of nail
		nail.getChildAt(3).rot(rand(-60,60)); // randomize the turn but leave highlight at top left
		if (!mobile()) nail.cache().hov(.7).sha(); // cache will unify the hover alpha

	// create a band each time we mousedown and move
	let band = null;
	let nail = null;
	let bandEvent = null;	
	let f = 1.02; // the scale factor on the band radius compared to nail
	let startPoint = null;
	tile.on("mousedown", e=>{
		nail =;
		startPoint = tile.localToGlobal(nail.x, nail.y); // get global location of nail
		// create a shape to draw band in
		band = new Shape().loc(startPoint).bot().ord(1).ble("difference"); // just above backing rectangle
		// bandEvent = nail.on("pressmove", drawBand);
		bandEvent = stage.on("stagemousemove", drawBand);
	// use mouseX and mouseY as moving but then snapped x and snapped y on pressup
	function drawBand(e, x, y) {
		if (x==null) x = frame.mouseX;
		if (y==null) y = frame.mouseY;
		// get the length of the band to the x and y
		// draw it horizontal and then rotate it to the x and y
		let length = dist(startPoint.x, startPoint.y, x, y);
			.a(0, 0, radius*f, 90*RAD, -90*RAD) // arc is in radians
			.lt(length, -radius*f) // top band line is -radius in y
			.a(length, 0, radius*f, -90*RAD, 90*RAD)
			.lt(0, radius*f) // bottom band line is +radius in y 
			.rot(angle(startPoint.x, startPoint.y, x, y))
	tile.on("pressup", e=>{
		//"pressmove", bandEvent); // remove the pressmove event"stagemousemove", bandEvent); // remove the pressmove event
		// use hitTestGrid to get the index of the tile that the mouse is nearest
		// width, height, cols, rows, x, y, offsetX, offsetY, spacingX, spacingY, local, type
		let index = tile.hitTestGrid(tile.width, tile.height, num,num, frame.mouseX,frame.mouseY);
		if (index!=null) { // do not use if (index) {} because index could be 0
			// the drawBand is expecting a global position 
			// so convert the location of the nearest nail to global
			let point = tile.getChildAt(index).localToGlobal(0,0);
			drawBand(null, point.x, point.y);
		} else {
	stage.update(); // this is needed to show any changes	


	// call remote script to make ZIM icon - you will not need this

}); // end of ready