Hello my css story is here. I hope you fun while reading this post.

My first scss work was cupcake, yes that's so bad but worthy for me. Because i started the css world with cupcake and starbucks cup pen.

And i run on css world, maybe you dont think that im running :) you can think im just walking so slowly.

I use the transforms like this. Hover over the emojies!

I want to move somethings with user or animate infinite the styles. In a spring day i want to create a pen of my tea cup and hover the cup tea's vapor is rising from cup. Hover over the cup!

For the slippers of my boyfriend that i created a pen again :) I need the shadows effect but googling didnt help for needed shadow for the slippers inner, i collected shadows that need for my project, maybe you can use for your projects! Hover over the slippers!

I was feeling so depressed and all things on my brain i was really have a war with myself, i created a pen again said myself that, let something flow... Hover over the title...

On a christmas morning i created a pen.

My project needed the masonry layout, i tried a masonry theme and created pen.

On a black friday i created this pen.

I needed the color hex codes and randomly find the colors, i want to create a generator for myself and randomly find the colors. I created this pen. Click the generate button!

then i want to see the how to looks like the colors on all the page. I created this pen. Paste the hex color code to textbox!

I played game with the keyframes on this pen.

I think you can start the css world! You really gonna love!

me on github / me on linkedin

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