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                - const cards = [
-   {title:"Duis bibendum", body:["Lectus sed iaculis eleifend, nisi nisi facilisis nunc", "A sagittis odio quam sed felis"]},
-   {title:"Nam sagittis", body:["Fusce turpis ligula, placerat ut ultrices vel", "Phasellus sed erat vel sem mollis rutrum"]},
-   {title:"Pellentesque sed", body:["Sed sit amet elit massa. Fusce molestie eleifend velit, a mollis ex dapibus ut. Integer lectus purus, tristique in dapibus sit amet, sagittis luctus erat"]},
-   {title:"Nullam", body:["Donec pellentesque velit magna, nec volutpat sapien aliquam vitae","Proin sed est a turpis porttitor finibus"]},
- ]

  each card in cards
      each className in ['card', 'card ghost']
          h2 #{card.title}
          each paragraph in card.body
            p #{paragraph}


  display grid
  place-items center
  min-height 100vh
  font-family 'Inter', sans-serif
  background #242424
  h2, p
    margin 0
    font inherit
    font-size 1.25rem
    font-weight 500
    --card-shown-x 5rem
    --card-shown-y 3rem
    --card-size-x 12rem
    --card-size-y 8rem
    --card-padding 1rem
    display flex
    flex-direction column
    padding-right calc(var(--card-size-x) - var(--card-shown-x) + 2*var(--card-padding))
    padding-bottom calc(var(--card-size-y) - var(--card-shown-y) + 2*var(--card-padding))
      position relative
      margin-left calc((var(--num) - 1) * var(--card-shown-x))
      width var(--card-shown-x)
      height var(--card-shown-y)
      for num in (1..5)
          --num num
        position absolute
        display flex
        flex-direction column
        gap .5rem
        min-width var(--card-size-x)
        min-height var(--card-size-y)
        padding var(--card-padding)
        border-radius 1rem
        background #2C2C2C
        color white
        box-shadow 0 0 1.5rem -.25rem rgba(0,0,0,0.75)
          z-index 1
          opacity 0
          transition .25s ease
      &:not(:hover) .ghost
        pointer-events none
      &:hover .ghost
        opacity 1


                //Made for MrBanditHat after they asked how to do this