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Material Compact Login Animation , @MaterialUp Tweet https://twitter.com/MaterialUp/status/622009685521113088 , Compact Login - Animation by @noxiousone made with Sketch & After Effects #materialdesign :)


  1. This is amazing... Love It.. Would like to use for personal project, if you don't mind.. :)

  2. Awesome one ! Well done !

  3. Beautiful :)

  4. Well done! Thanks for sharing.

  5. how to import it properly if want to use something like that in a personal project, because whenever i try to import the plus sign for register doesn't work :( please help

  6. seems like the button conflicts with the material design guidelines))) https://material.io/guidelines/material-design/elevation-shadows.html#elevation-shadows-shadows though its very beautiful i wouldn't call it 'material'

  7. Hi, could you help me with this? image I've added the email field and now I can't expand the red bubble to fit all the box space. How can I do this? Thanks!

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