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  1. why is this a fail? It looks awesome!

  2. @Fedot it's because I use Math.tan()

  3. @trose I just fixed it, the first version had an irritating blinking: https://codepen.io/pen/zQLLpK

  4. This broke my brain and I love it!

  5. Awesome Dude!

  6. this should be the way to go when 2D web animations are on the table

  7. How about setting time to be time = (Date.now() - init) / 1000; intially, because if not set at first run of the resize the expression const ii = i / count + ((time / count) * 2) / 3;would return to NAN

  8. good point @quadriphobs1 !

    honored to know that someone reads my ugly code!

    fixed by initializing let time = 0

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