What is Angular JS

  • Angular JS is nothing but Javascript Framework based on MVC architecture.
  • Angular JS used to develop large scale and high performance application.
  • It is fully extensible framework and can work with other libraries too.

Why Angular JS

Angular JS provides lots of feature which make AngularJS popular among developer and User.


  • Gives rich and responsive experience [Two way databinding]
  • Write less, Do more and Easy to develope. Write Loosely coupled and less code. [Built in directives, services]
  • Can run on all major browsers.
  • Support static and Angular templates.
  • Transfer data to and from UI.
  • Support basic Security holes like
    • HTML injection attacks
  • Cross site scripting [Bypass access controls]
  • Basic Authentication and Authorization

Which Feature make Angular Popular in Developer:-

  • Helps to organize your Javascript code.
  • Support MVC [Which is widely popular codeing structure.] MVC Architecure MVC Architecure
  • Provides reusable components [components can devide into services/directives and can call anytime.]
    [Expressions,Modules,Directives,Model,Data Binding,Controllers,Scopes,Filters,Services,Routing]
  • Plays well with jQuery.
  • No need to register callbacks.
  • Control HTML and DOM programatically.
  • Support Form Validation
  • Support client and server side communication
  • Easy to test. (Karma, Jasmine)

Disadvantages of Angular JS

  • Not secure Only Javascript makes application so not secure.
  • Not degradable If your application user disables JavaScript then user will just see the basic page and nothing more.

Angular JS Basic Architecture

Angular JS Architecure

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