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I read this article and I just had to.

This is a simple slider experiment displaying words with beautiful meanings which cannot be directly translated. Focus: elegant typography and simple yet alluring transitions.


  1. That is really cool. You are really cool JS developer. You gave me the understandable code, your code is neat and cool, understandable and easy to include in projects.

    > I have two questions:

    1. Do I really have to have agreement or license from you to use it?
    2. Can you just briefly explain what you did after line 136?
  2. very, very nice!! && I agree with the above comment about your JS style ;)

  3. @Godje @tmrDevelops haha thanks guys! although I should definitely start commenting my code more.

    & Godje

    1. of course not! feel free to use it.
    2. sure, this is just a quick function to easily remove a class. I decided not to use jQuery but still wanted something similar to jQuery's $("body").removeClass("class-to-remove");... so here we can have the same functionality by just calling removeClass(body, "class-to-remove"); I'll add some comments in the code to break it down.
  4. @woodwork That is awesome, thank You!

  5. Very nice ! :)


    Thank you!

    I will use it my next project.

    Can you tell me how to make a toggleClass function without jQuery?

  7. @Godje No problem :D I love your enthusiasm. Sure, we just need to add an else statement, check this out:

  8. very cool bro. How to make it autoplay?

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