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              <div id="tabledemo">
  <h3>Vue Datatable example</h3>
  Filter by anything: <input v-model="search">
  <data-table :users="filteredUsers"></data-table>
              Vue.component('data-table', {
  template: '<table></table>',
  props: ['users'],
  data() {
    return {
      headers: [
        { title: 'ID' },
        { title: 'Username', class: 'some-special-class' },
        { title: 'Real Name' },
        { title: 'Phone' },
        { title: 'Email' },
        { title: 'Website' }
      rows: [] ,
      dtHandle: null
  watch: {
    users(val, oldVal) {
      let vm = this;
      vm.rows = [];
      // You should _probably_ check that this is changed data... but we'll skip that for this example.
      val.forEach(function (item) {
        // Fish out the specific column data for each item in your data set and push it to the appropriate place.
        // Basically we're just building a multi-dimensional array here. If the data is _already_ in the right format you could
        // skip this loop...
        let row = [];

        row.push('<a href="mailto://' + item.email + '">' + item.email + '</a>');
        row.push('<a href="http://' + item.website + '" target="_blank">' + item.website + '</a>');


      // Here's the magic to keeping the DataTable in sync.
      // It must be cleared, new rows added, then redrawn!
  ready() {
    let vm = this;
    // Instantiate the datatable and store the reference to the instance in our dtHandle element.
    vm.dtHandle = $(this.$el).DataTable({
      // Specify whatever options you want, at a minimum these:
      columns: vm.headers,
      data: vm.rows,
      searching: false,
      paging: false,
      info: false

new Vue({
  el: '#tabledemo',
  data: {
    users: [],
    search: ''
  computed: {
    filteredUsers() {
      let users = this.users;
      return this.$options.filters.filterBy(users, this.search);
  ready() {
    let vm = this;
      url: 'https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/users',
      success(res) {
        vm.users = res;
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