<div id="cat"></div>
@function pixelize($colors, $size) {
  $result: '';
  $numRows: length($colors);
  $sep: '';
  @for $rowIndex from 1 through $numRows {
    $y: ($rowIndex - 1);
    $row: nth($colors, $rowIndex);
    $numCols: length($row);

    @for $cellIndex from 1 through $numCols {
      $x: ($cellIndex - 1);
      $color: nth($row, $cellIndex);
      @if $color != $t {
        $result: $result + '#{$sep} #{$x * $size} #{$y * $size} #{$color}';
        $sep: ',';
  $result: unquote($result);
  @return $result;

$size: 10px;

$t: transparent;
$black: #000;
$gray: #cdc9cf;
$dkgray: #a09da1;
$pink: #ffa6ed;

$cat: (
  ($t, $t, $t, $black, $t, $t, $t, $t, $t, $t, $black),
  ($t, $t, $black, $gray, $black, $t, $t, $t, $t, $black, $gray, $black),
  ($t, $t, $black, $gray, $dkgray, $black, $black, $black, $black, $dkgray, $gray, $black, $t, $t, $t, $t, $t, $t, $t, $t, $black, $black),
  ($t, $black, $dkgray, $gray, $gray, $dkgray, $dkgray, $gray, $dkgray, $gray, $gray, $dkgray, $black, $t, $t, $t, $t, $t, $t, $black, $gray, $gray, $black),
  ($t, $black, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $black, $t, $t, $t, $t, $t, $t, $black, $gray, $gray, $black),
  ($black, $dkgray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $dkgray, $black, $black, $black, $black, $t, $t, $t, $black, $dkgray, $black),
  ($black, $gray, $gray, $black, $gray, $gray, $black, $gray, $gray, $black, $gray, $gray, $gray, $dkgray, $gray, $dkgray, $gray, $black, $t, $t, $black, $gray, $black),
  ($black, $gray, $pink, $gray, $gray, $black, $gray, $black, $gray, $gray, $pink, $gray, $gray, $dkgray, $gray, $dkgray, $gray, $gray, $black, $black, $black, $dkgray, $black),
  ($black, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $black, $gray, $black),
  ($black, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $black, $gray, $black),
  ($black, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $black),
  ($black, $dkgray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $black),
  ($black, $dkgray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $black),
  ($black, $dkgray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $dkgray, $black),
  ($t, $black, $dkgray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $dkgray, $black),
  ($t, $t, $black, $dkgray, $gray, $dkgray, $dkgray, $gray, $dkgray, $gray, $gray, $gray, $dkgray, $gray, $dkgray, $dkgray, $gray, $dkgray, $black),
  ($t, $t, $t, $black, $gray, $black, $black, $gray, $black, $black, $black, $black, $black, $gray, $black, $black, $gray, $black),
  ($t, $t, $t, $black, $black, $t, $t, $black, $black, $t, $t, $t, $black, $black, $t, $t, $black, $black)

#cat {
  position: relative;
  width: calc(23 * #{$size});
  height: calc(18 * #{$size});
  margin: 1rem;
  &::after {
    content: '';
    position: absolute;
    top: 0;
    left: 0;
    width: $size;
    height: $size;
    pixelize($cat, $size);
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