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                <svg width="200px" height="200px" viewBox="0 0 256 255" version="1.1">
        <linearGradient x1="12.9593594%" y1="12.0393928%" x2="79.6388325%" y2="78.2008538%" id="linearGradient-1">
            <stop stop-color="#387EB8" offset="0%"></stop>
            <stop stop-color="#366994" offset="100%"></stop>
        <linearGradient x1="19.127525%" y1="20.5791813%" x2="90.7415328%" y2="88.4290372%" id="linearGradient-2">
            <stop stop-color="#FFE052" offset="0%"></stop>
            <stop stop-color="#FFC331" offset="100%"></stop>
        <path id="blue-python" d="M126.915866,0.0722755491 C62.0835831,0.0722801733 66.1321288,28.1874648 66.1321288,28.1874648 L66.2044043,57.3145115 L128.072276,57.3145115 L128.072276,66.0598532 L41.6307171,66.0598532 C41.6307171,66.0598532 0.144551098,61.3549438 0.144551098,126.771315 C0.144546474,192.187673 36.3546019,189.867871 36.3546019,189.867871 L57.9649915,189.867871 L57.9649915,159.51214 C57.9649915,159.51214 56.8001363,123.302089 93.5968379,123.302089 L154.95878,123.302089 C154.95878,123.302089 189.434218,123.859386 189.434218,89.9830604 L189.434218,33.9695088 C189.434218,33.9695041 194.668541,0.0722755491 126.915866,0.0722755491 L126.915866,0.0722755491 L126.915866,0.0722755491 Z M92.8018069,19.6589497 C98.9572068,19.6589452 103.932242,24.6339846 103.932242,30.7893845 C103.932246,36.9447844 98.9572068,41.9198193 92.8018069,41.9198193 C86.646407,41.9198239 81.6713721,36.9447844 81.6713721,30.7893845 C81.6713674,24.6339846 86.646407,19.6589497 92.8018069,19.6589497 L92.8018069,19.6589497 L92.8018069,19.6589497 Z" fill="url('#linearGradient-1')"></path>

        <path id="yellow-python" d="M128.757101,254.126271 C193.589403,254.126271 189.540839,226.011081 189.540839,226.011081 L189.468564,196.884035 L127.600692,196.884035 L127.600692,188.138693 L214.042251,188.138693 C214.042251,188.138693 255.528417,192.843589 255.528417,127.427208 C255.52844,62.0108566 219.318366,64.3306589 219.318366,64.3306589 L197.707976,64.3306589 L197.707976,94.6863832 C197.707976,94.6863832 198.87285,130.896434 162.07613,130.896434 L100.714182,130.896434 C100.714182,130.896434 66.238745,130.339138 66.238745,164.215486 L66.238745,220.229038 C66.238745,220.229038 61.0044225,254.126271 128.757101,254.126271 L128.757101,254.126271 L128.757101,254.126271 Z M162.87116,234.539597 C156.715759,234.539597 151.740726,229.564564 151.740726,223.409162 C151.740726,217.253759 156.715759,212.278727 162.87116,212.278727 C169.026563,212.278727 174.001595,217.253759 174.001595,223.409162 C174.001618,229.564564 169.026563,234.539597 162.87116,234.539597 L162.87116,234.539597 L162.87116,234.539597 Z" fill="url('#linearGradient-2')"></path>



                body {
  display: flex;
  align-items: center;
  justify-content: center;
  height: 100vh;

svg {
  display: block;
  margin: auto;

path {
  stroke: #000;
  stroke-width: 2px;
  stroke-dasharray: 853;
  animation: 6s draw forwards;

@keyframes draw {
  0% {
    fill-opacity: 0;
    stroke-dashoffset: 853;
  70% {
    fill-opacity: 0;
    stroke: #000;
  100% {
    fill-opacity: 1;
    stroke-dashoffset: 0;
    stroke: none;