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  - phrases = ["Hello!", "你好", "¡Hola!", "もしもし", "Привет!"]
  - phrases.each do |phrase|
      .conversation__participant__bubble= phrase

              // Frameworks and Mixins
// ---------------------------
@import bourbon
=block($w, $h)
  display: block
  width: $w
  height: $h
=font($s, $lh)
  font-size: $s + 'px'
  line-height: $lh + 'px'

// Animations for Bubbles
// ---------------------------
$object_count: 5
$object_order: 3 4 1 2 5
$duration: 3s
$animation_steps: 5

$frame_count: $animation_steps * $object_count
$frame_length:  100 / $frame_count
$animation_length: $duration * $object_count

@for $i from 1 through $object_count
      +animation(bubble_#{$i} $animation_length $ease-in-out-back)
  Iterates over a timeline, stepping up the
  animation window by 6 frames each increment.
  This accounts for the delay between animations
  and allows all bubble aniamtions to exist on
  the same theoretical timeline
@for $i from 1 through $object_count
    $on_object: nth($object_order, $i)
    $start_percent: (($on_object - 1)/$object_count) * 100
//  This isnt really the important stuff here, just the positioning and the polish. :)
// --------------------------
  background: url("http://williamanderson.io/remote_use/patterns/bg.png")

// Icon List feature
// --------------------------

// Loval Vars
$icon_size: 90px
$bubble_size: 90px
$bubble_height: 16px * 3
$triangle_size: 12px

$darkGrey: #757575
$bor_rad: 5px

$participant_colors: #d65b5b #8dc63f #fbb040 #27aae1 #ec008c

  text-align: center
  margin: 130px auto 50px auto

  +block($icon_size, $icon_size)
  display: inline-block
  margin: 0px 15px
  position: relative
  +block($icon_size*0.6, $icon_size*0.6)
  border-radius: $icon_size*0.3
  margin: $icon_size*0.2
  background: black
@for $i from 1 through 5
      background: nth($participant_colors, $i)

  box-sizing: content-box
  +block($bubble_size, auto)
  min-height: 16px
  position: absolute
  top: $icon_size
  left: ($bubble_size - $icon_size ) * -0.5 - 14
  padding: 1em
  +font(14, 19)
  font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif
  letter-spacing: 1px
  color: white
  background: $darkGrey
  border-radius: $bor_rad
  +transform-origin(center top)

    content: ""
    +triangle($triangle_size, $darkGrey, up)
    position: absolute
    top: $triangle_size * -0.5
    left: 50%
    margin-left: $triangle_size * -0.5

// adjustments for alternating bubbles
    top: auto
    bottom: $icon_size
    +transform-origin(center bottom)
      border: 0px
      +triangle($triangle_size, $darkGrey, down)
      top: auto
      bottom: $triangle_size * -0.5

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