a.fun-hover(href="#") Check out React For Beginners

  a.fun-hover(href="#") Are you a Sublime Text Power User?


  a.fun-hover(href="#") I love to learn!

  a.fun-hover(href="#") I <br>sure<br>do<br>love<br>Flexbox! 
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yellow = #FEE603
black = #1E1F23
mint = #25B0A9

  font-size 10px
  font-family 'Bangers'

  max-width 30rem
  margin 2rem
  float left
  font-size 4rem
  text-decoration none
  color black
  text-shadow 1px 1px 0 alpha(white,0.4)
// Get Going!
  background-image linear-gradient(to right, mint 50%, yellow 50%)
  background-position 0
  // make the background twice as big
  background-size 200%
  transition all 0.4s
    background-position -100%
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