Briefly About the Tool

WebDataRocks is a JavaScript pivot table library for online data visualization and analysis. This tool is appreciated by developers because it's:

  • Embeddable in applications/websites
  • Adaptive to the UI and logic of the application you develop or use
  • Enriched with analytical features

What it does

  • Visualizes up to 1MB of JSON & CSV data files
  • Aggregates, groups, filters this data and makes different calculations
  • Provides data insights for further analysis (by highlighting values using settled conditions)
  • Interactively configures reports that users need in real-time

Helpful for

  • Developers, to add analytical and visualization value in the web project
  • Data analysts, to make reports online
  • All who need to deliver data insights into their projects

More features to learn about


WebDataRocks is an all set component with a good variety of data analytical features. It starts working on data after adding an easy scrip into a web page.

  • Customizable to look and feel of any application/website: Themes, layouts, grid size, cell fount, data types etc.
  • Allows setting your own calculated values to suit the project’s analytics goals.
  • Localization available, with already prepared “how to” draft or even ready files to change the language you need.
Made for light integration

WebDataRocks can be easily integrated with different frameworks. Provided with special tutorials on how to do it extremely easy with React, AngularJS, Angular2+.

Works with Charts

To extend your reporting, WebDataRocks Pivot Table is suited for different third-party charting libraries. Prepared tutorials to make it easy with Google Charts and Highcharts.

It’s Free

To start using it

  1. Go to the website and choose the most preferable download option.
  2. Use steps to set it up.
  3. Enjoy!

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