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      <h1>Inheritance cascades downwards</h1>
      <p>Properties that can be inherited cascade downwards, and child elements will get a computed value which represents its parent’s value. This means that if a parent has <code>font-weight</code> set to <code>300</code>: all child elements will be light unless they have <code>font-weight</code> set to a different value or the user agent stylesheet has a value for <code>font-weight</code>, for that element. </p>
      <p>That is the case here. All text is <code>font-weight: 300</code>, but <code>&lt;span&gt;</code> elements have a <code>font-weight</code> of <code>700</code> which overrides the inheritance. <span>This sentence is wrapped in a <code>&lt;span&gt;</code>, so the text is bold weight</span>.</p>
      <p>Notice also how the inline code <em>also</em> inherits the bold <code>font-weight</code>.</p>
article {
  font-weight: 300;

span {
  font-weight: 700;

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