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Plan your voyage to Earth's moon, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn! Concept by Mike Delsing, brought to life in Webflow by Waldo Broodryk for the #SPACEDchallenge which Dann Petty launched.


  1. Niiice! Fantastic job. I had a great design idea but was trying to code out the actual app in Vue. Ambitious... too ambitious... Had to throw the towel in a few days ago when it became obvious I couldn't fully pull off what I wanted in time.

    Looks like I need to pay some attention to Webflow!

  2. This is incredible. Nice work!

  3. where do i start when it comes to coding? I want to learn design basics... please someone give me an easier task.

  4. Love it. Where do I sign up? Link broken. (haha) Did you guys win your challenge?

  5. Marvelous job buddy , became fan at first go.

  6. Looks neat, how long did it take you to code?

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