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Made in webflow.com

Tempt Homer Simpson with a doughnut.

Took about 30 minutes and Built Homer Simpson with a few div blocks, css and then added some mouse movement interactions.


  1. How does one develop such css wizardry? Are there any resources you recommend?

  2. @Scotty813 I actually build all of my work in Webflow so I don't have to write the code, I just build it visually. We just launched Interactions 2.0 as well :)

    We provide all free resources to learn how to build beautiful, custom, responsive sites visually here at Webflow University :) Have fun and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

  3. So could you feed him with the donut?

  4. @Le_Boi_99999999 definitely thought about adding that effect in there but wasn't a big enough fan of the show to feed Homer the doughnut.

  5. @Waldo Broodryk Ammmmazing!!

  6. Awesome work. Webflow has been on my radar for most of this year. Looking forward to trying out the product.

  7. Thanks Waldo. I log into Codepen to work on my own FCC projects and spend 30 minutes playing with your Homer Simpson pen. Pretty sweet.

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