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HTML/ CSS Donkey Kong . No images. Responsive Game & Watch, Game Boy & Mini Classic.


  1. It took me a few minutes to understand that the support changes on browser resizing. I didn't get the "responsive" at first. Anyway, this is kinda sick, I love it. I can't imagine the patience you had to do this. :D

  2. Thanks, I have a room full of patients that do the boring parts. ;D

  3. Thanks (I hope you are referring to the game, not the patients). :) It seems to take a while before people realise what it is.

  4. Also, CP is truncating the CSS so the small version may break.

  5. this is so so solid, great work

  6. Chris @Chris_Scomersi on

    I zoomed out just to check if there's another one hidden on bigger viewports... sadly not... :D!
    Just on little thing .. you should use the css proberty cursor:pointer instead of an href... I hate those annoying links on the bottom left :D

  7. @Chris_Scomersi I used cursor: grab; as it looked better but it seems to not work nowadays.

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