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                <input name='tags'
  placeholder='write some tags'      
  value='css, html, javascript, css' 


  width: 100%;
  max-width: 700px;


                var inputElm = document.querySelector('input[name=tags]'),
    whitelist = ["A# .NET", "A# (Axiom)", "A-0 System", "A+", "A++", "ABAP", "ABC", "ABC ALGOL", "ABSET", "ABSYS", "ACC", "Accent", "Ace DASL", "ACL2", "Avicsoft", "ACT-III", "Action!", "ActionScript", "Ada", "Adenine", "Agda", "Agilent VEE", "Agora", "AIMMS", "Alef", "ALF", "ALGOL 58", "ALGOL 60", "ALGOL 68", "ALGOL W", "Alice", "Alma-0", "AmbientTalk", "Amiga E", "AMOS", "AMPL", "Apex (", "APL", "AppleScript", "Arc", "ARexx", "Argus", "AspectJ", "Assembly language", "ATS", "Ateji PX", "AutoHotkey", "Autocoder", "AutoIt", "AutoLISP / Visual LISP", "Averest", "AWK", "Axum", "Active Server Pages", "ASP.NET", "B", "Babbage", "Bash", "BASIC", "bc", "BCPL", "BeanShell", "Batch (Windows/Dos)", "Bertrand", "BETA", "Bigwig", "Bistro", "BitC", "BLISS", "Blockly", "BlooP", "Blue", "Boo", "Boomerang", "Bourne shell (including bash and ksh)", "BREW", "BPEL", "B", "C--", "C++ – ISO/IEC 14882", "C# – ISO/IEC 23270", "C/AL", "Caché ObjectScript", "C Shell", "Caml", "Cayenne", "CDuce", "Cecil", "Cesil", "Céu", "Ceylon", "CFEngine", "CFML", "Cg", "Ch", "Chapel", "Charity", "Charm", "Chef", "CHILL", "CHIP-8", "chomski", "ChucK", "CICS", "Cilk", "Citrine (programming language)", "CL (IBM)", "Claire", "Clarion", "Clean", "Clipper", "CLIPS", "CLIST", "Clojure", "CLU", "CMS-2", "COBOL – ISO/IEC 1989", "CobolScript – COBOL Scripting language", "Cobra", "CODE", "CoffeeScript", "ColdFusion", "COMAL", "Combined Programming Language (CPL)", "COMIT", "Common Intermediate Language (CIL)", "Common Lisp (also known as CL)", "COMPASS", "Component Pascal", "Constraint Handling Rules (CHR)", "COMTRAN", "Converge", "Cool", "Coq", "Coral 66", "Corn", "CorVision", "COWSEL", "CPL", "CPL", "Cryptol", "csh", "Csound", "CSP", "CUDA", "Curl", "Curry", "Cybil", "Cyclone", "Cython", "Java", "Javascript", "M2001", "M4", "M#", "Machine code", "MAD (Michigan Algorithm Decoder)", "MAD/I", "Magik", "Magma", "make", "Maple", "MAPPER now part of BIS", "MARK-IV now VISION:BUILDER", "Mary", "MASM Microsoft Assembly x86", "MATH-MATIC", "Mathematica", "MATLAB", "Maxima (see also Macsyma)", "Max (Max Msp – Graphical Programming Environment)", "Maya (MEL)", "MDL", "Mercury", "Mesa", "Metafont", "Microcode", "MicroScript", "MIIS", "Milk (programming language)", "MIMIC", "Mirah", "Miranda", "MIVA Script", "ML", "Model 204", "Modelica", "Modula", "Modula-2", "Modula-3", "Mohol", "MOO", "Mortran", "Mouse", "MPD", "Mathcad", "MSIL – deprecated name for CIL", "MSL", "MUMPS", "Mystic Programming L"];

// initialize Tagify on the above input node reference
var tagify = new Tagify(inputElm, {
    enforceWhitelist: true,
    // make an array from the initial input value
    whitelist: inputElm.value.trim().split(/\s*,\s*/) 

// Chainable event listeners
tagify.on('add', onAddTag)
      .on('remove', onRemoveTag)
      .on('input', onInput)
      .on('edit', onTagEdit)
      .on('invalid', onInvalidTag)
      .on('click', onTagClick)
      .on('focus', onTagifyFocusBlur)
      .on('blur', onTagifyFocusBlur)
      .on('dropdown:hide dropdown:show', e => console.log(e.type))
      .on('dropdown:select', onDropdownSelect)

var mockAjax = (function mockAjax(){
    var timeout;
    return function(duration){
        clearTimeout(timeout); // abort last request
        return new Promise(function(resolve, reject){
            timeout = setTimeout(resolve, duration || 700, whitelist)

// tag added callback
function onAddTag(e){
    console.log("onAddTag: ", e.detail);
    console.log("original input value: ", inputElm.value)'add', onAddTag) // exmaple of removing a custom Tagify event

// tag remvoed callback
function onRemoveTag(e){
    console.log("onRemoveTag:", e.detail, "tagify instance value:", tagify.value)

// on character(s) added/removed (user is typing/deleting)
function onInput(e){
    console.log("onInput: ", e.detail);
    tagify.settings.whitelist.length = 0; // reset current whitelist
    tagify.loading(true) // show the loader animation

    // get new whitelist from a delayed mocked request (Promise)
            // replace tagify "whitelist" array values with new values
            // and add back the ones already choses as Tags
            tagify.settings.whitelist.push(...result, ...tagify.value)

            // render the suggestions dropdown.
            tagify.loading(false), e.detail.value);

function onTagEdit(e){
    console.log("onTagEdit: ", e.detail);

// invalid tag added callback
function onInvalidTag(e){
    console.log("onInvalidTag: ", e.detail);

// invalid tag added callback
function onTagClick(e){
    console.log("onTagClick: ", e.detail);

function onTagifyFocusBlur(e){
    console.log(e.type, "event fired")

function onDropdownSelect(e){
    console.log("onDropdownSelect: ", e.detail)