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canvas{display: block;}


Cells - for Dress of Life
Vivian Wong
Professor Adam Tindale, Kate Hartman, Haru Ji
DIGF 2004 - Atelier I
Wednesday December 6, 2017

Inspired by Casey Reas
Modification of experiment 3 P5.js animating elements.

Blue circles represent cells that populate an organism.
Cells are an integral part of life and evolution.

Form: Circle
Behaviour 1: Wander by a random walk from center of canvas
Behaviour 2: If leaving one edge of the canvas, appear at the other edge of the canvas, except for bottom edge

E1 = F1 + B1 + B2

Fill canvas with instances of Element 1.


let elements = [];  // elements array for cells

function setup() {
  canvas = createCanvas(windowWidth, windowHeight);
  background(0);    // start with black background
  noStroke();       // remove stroke
  noFill();         // remove fill
 // create for loop for 200 elements
  for (let i = 0; i < 200; i++) {
    // create elements array, start element position at center of canvas
    elements[i] = {
      x: width/2,        
      y: height/2,  
      r: random(3, 20),
      s: random(-10, 10),
      sp: random(0.2,0.8)

function draw() {
  background(0, 4);   // fade in black background
  // for loop to create array of elements
  for (let i = 0; i < elements.length; i++) {
    let e = elements[i];
    // set variable c as colour based on rgba variables
    c = color(10*noise(50, 70), 20*random(60,70), random(200, 250), 100); // cyan colour
    // draw elements on canvas
    ellipse(e.x, e.y, e.r);

    // wander by a random walk multiplied by speed variable
    e.x += random(-e.s, e.s) * e.sp;
    e.y += random(-e.s, e.s) * e.sp;

    // if top, bottom, left, or right edge is touched, element goes to opposite side of canvas
    if (e.x < 0) {
      e.x += width;
    if (e.x > width) {
      e.x -= width;
    if (e.y < 0) {
      e.y += height;
    if (e.y > height) {
      e.y -= height;