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canvas{display: block;}


Glow Flower - for Dress of Life
Vivian Wong, Anran Zhou
Professor Adam Tindale, Kate Hartman, Haru Ji
DIGF 2004 - Atelier I
Wednesday December 6, 2017


Algorithm of creating the flower adapted from Dancing Flame by aadebdeb

Modified the form and colour/behaviour of the flower. Flower size had to be
small to fit dress mask shape.

let offset1;        // init variable offset1 for layers
let offset2;        // init variable offset2 for layers
let scale = 0.01;   // init variable scale to change shape of flower
let size = 0.0001;  // init variable size to manipulate flower shape
let c1;             // init variable c1 for inner colour
let c2;             // init variable c2 for outer colour

let t;              // variable t used to manipulate noise functions

function setup() {
  canvas = createCanvas(windowWidth, windowHeight); // set up canvas
  background(128);  // start with grey background
  noStroke();       // remove stroke
  t = 0;            // set initial t value as 0
  //generate random offset value for vertexes of the flower
  offset1 = new createVector(random(10000), random(10000));
  offset2 = new createVector(random(10000), random(10000));
  // set intial colours
  c1 = color(4, 13, 190);
  c2 = color(21, 121, 194);

function draw(){
  background(0);    // set background colour to black

  // set c1 and c2 colours to change
  c1 = color(150, 350*noise(t), 400*noise(205+t)); 
  c2 = color (30, 300*noise(151+t),500*noise(204+t)); 

  // put flower at center of canvas
  translate(width / 2, height / 2);
  // use for loop to set up coloured layers on the flower
  for(var radius = 250; radius > 0; radius -= 10){
    // set fill colour mapped according to each RGB value of c1 and c2
    fill(map(radius, 0, 250, red(c1), red(c2)),
         map(radius, 0, 250, green(c1), green(c2)),
         map(radius, 0, 250, blue(c1), blue(c2))
    beginShape(); // start drawing each shape
    // double for loop to create shape of flower according to angle and radius
    for(var angle = 0; angle < 360; angle += 0.5){
      var radian = radians(angle);  
      //set the x and y position of the vertex
      var x = radius * cos(radian);
      var y = radius * sin(radian);
      //set nx, ny as the original position plus the offset generated randomly to create more natural but random value
      var nx = x + map(noise(x * scale + offset1.x, y * scale + offset1.y, frameCount * 0.015), 0, 1, -200, 200);
      var ny = y + map(noise(x * scale + offset2.x, y * scale + offset2.y, frameCount * 0.015), 0, 1, -200, 200);
      vertex(nx/4, ny/4);    // changing vertex parameters modifies size of flower
    scaleTo();    // call scaleTo function to gradually change flower shape
   t += 0.01;     // increment t variable by 0.01 to change colour in noise function

// this function allows animation to start off as an organic shaped flower and become more geometric by manipulating the scale value

function scaleTo(){
  // if the scale of the geometric pattern is bigger than 0.05, start getting smaller
  scale += size;
  if (scale >= 5){
    size * -1;
  // if the flower is getting too small too much, then stop the shrink function
  if (scale <= 0.01) {
    size * -1;

// // can uncomment to use mousePressed function to manually change flower colour
// function mousePressed(){
//   c1 = color(noise(255), random(255), random(255));
//   c2 = color(random(255), random(255), random(255));
// }