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4 different ways to easily customize radio buttons.

Inspiration: design.google.com/articles/evolving-the-google-identity/


  1. nice idea

  2. The green dot is my favorite! XD

  3. Oh! What a coincidence, mine too :) Thanks man! 👍 👍 👍

  4. these are so fun -- really nice work!

  5. Hey Tiffany ( @tmrDevelops ), you don't know how much is gratifying to have one of my pens commended by you. One day I will do such amazing works like yours. Thank you so much!

    @xgusth I'm very glad you like it. 😉

  6. @victorfreire thank you, that's sweet -- but I've been impressed with all the pens I've seen from you so far, you make great stuff - && certainly better with this whole CSS thing than I am :)

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