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Very easy to use carousel for product pages, portfolios, etc... Just copy the JS add it to your project and in the html write

you can have as many as you want, just increment the number. You'll also need Jquery and Jquery UI.


  1. Really cool, but the execution of the scroll handler has a delay making me feel like it won't scroll.

  2. @grayghostvisuals Thanks a lot, I did that on purpose because the animations wouldn't keep up with the scroll, so it would switch slides at random order, I might try to do something about it but so far it's the only solution I have thought of.

  3. How about reverse animations when scrolling backwards?

  4. @madebyjam Thanks for suggestion, I might try to make another version with reverse animation.

  5. It's very cool! but not working for mobile..

  6. Don't works on Firefox :'(

  7. @Raidez Should work now, thanks for heads up mate :D

  8. @v_trefil right, good job !

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