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        <p>Accessible, sortable HTML table</p>
            <caption>The table is taken from <a href="">
                    <em>Five dysfunctions of a team</em>
                    <th>Behavioral pattern</th>
                    <td>Absence of trust</td>
                    <td>Unwilling to be vulnerable within the group</td>
                    <td>Fear of conflict</td>
                    <td>Seeking artificial harmony over a constructive passionate debate</td>
                    <td>Lack of commitment</td>
                    <td>Feigning buy-in for group decisions creates ambiguity throughout the organization</td>
                    <td>Avoidance of accountability</td>
                    <td>Ducking the responsibility to call peers on counterproductive behavior which sets low standards</td>
                    <td>Inattention to results</td>
                    <td>Focusing on personal success, status, and ego before team success</td>


                body {
  padding: 1rem;

table * {
  text-align: left;

table th, table td {
  padding: .5em;

table.sotable button.restore-order {
    all: unset;
    /*remove all button styling*/
    cursor: pointer;

table.sotable button.restore-order {
    font-weight: bold;

th.sotable-column .indicator {
    font-size: smaller;
    margin-left: .5em;

@media print {
    table.sotable caption p.indicator {
        display: none;


                //authored by Ulf Schneider
//initial idea from
//and incorporated ideas from
//plus my own
const ROW_SELECTOR = 'tr:not(table table tr)';

let defaults = {
    indicatorAsc: 'ᐃ',
    indicatorDsc: 'ᐁ',
    sortHint: 'Sort the table by clicking on a column heading.',
    restoreHint: 'Restore the original order by clicking <button>Restore Order</button>.',
    whiteList: '',
    blackList: ''
let settings;
let whiteElements;
let blackElements;

function getArray(value) {
    if (value && typeof value === 'string' || value instanceof String) {
        return value.split(',');
    } else if (value) {
        //assuming value is an array
        return value;
    return [];

function isWhitelisted(table) {
    if (whiteElements.size) {
        return whiteElements.has(table);
    return true;

function isBlacklisted(table) {
    if (table.classList.contains('no-so')) {
        return true;

    return blackElements.has(table);

function setConfig(options) {
    settings = Object.assign({}, defaults, options);
    whiteElements = new Set();
    blackElements = new Set();

    for (let white of getArray(settings.whiteList)) {
        for (let element of document.querySelectorAll(white)) {
    for (let black of getArray(settings.blackList)) {
        for (let element of document.querySelectorAll(black)) {

function getIndexedRowValue(row, columnIndex) {
    return row.children[columnIndex].innerText || row.children[columnIndex].textContent;

function getColumnIndex(th) {
    return Array.from(th.parentNode.children).indexOf(th);

function getColumn(table, columnIndex) {
    let rows = Array.from(table.querySelectorAll('tr'));
    return => row.children[columnIndex]);

function canColumnSort(column) {
    if (column.length && column[0].tagName != 'TH') {
        //first element is not a th
        return false;
    return true;

function getBodyRowsContainer(table) {
    let tbody = table.querySelector('tbody');
    return tbody ? tbody : table;

function getBodyRows(table) {
    let container = getBodyRowsContainer(table);
    return Array.from(container.querySelectorAll(ROW_SELECTOR))
        .filter(tr => !tr.querySelector('th:not(table table th)'));


function getCellValue(cell) {
    return cell.innerText || cell.textContent;

function compareValues(value1, value2) {
    if (!isNaN(value1) && !isNaN(value2)) {
        return value1 - value2;
    } else {
        return String(value1).localeCompare(String(value2));

function isColumnAsc(column) {
    //is the column sorted ascending?
    let values = column.filter(cell => cell.tagName != 'TH').map(cell => getCellValue(cell));
    let sortedValues = [...values].sort(compareValues);
    return String(values) == String(sortedValues);

function comparer(columnIndex, asc) {
    //compare table cell values of two rows for the given column index
    return function(row1, row2) {
        return compareValues(getIndexedRowValue(asc ? row1 : row2, columnIndex), getIndexedRowValue(asc ? row2 : row1, columnIndex));

function clearTableSortIndication(table) {
    //remove all sort indicators
    table.querySelectorAll('th.sotable-column:not(table table th)').forEach(th => {
        th.ariaSort = null;
        th.querySelectorAll('.indicator').forEach(indicator => indicator.remove());

function indicateColumnSortDirection(table, th, asc) {
    //if the table has been sorted
    //provide the indication in the 
    //column headings

    let indicator = document.createElement('span');
    indicator.ariaHidden = true;

    if (asc) {
        th.ariaSort = 'ascending';
        indicator.innerHTML = settings.indicatorAsc;
    } else {
        th.ariaSort = 'descending';
        indicator.innerHTML = settings.indicatorDsc;


function storeOrigTableOrder(table) {
    //store the original order of the table
    //for later re-use
    let order = 1;
    let bodyRows = getBodyRows(table);
    bodyRows.forEach(tr => {
        if (!tr.querySelector(`[orig-order]:not(table table [orig-order])`)) {
            tr.setAttribute('orig-order', order);

function restoreOrigTableOrder(table) {
    //restore the original order of the table
    let bodyRowsContainer = getBodyRowsContainer(table);
    Array.from(bodyRowsContainer.querySelectorAll(`[orig-order]:not(table table [orig-order])`))
        .sort((row1, row2) => {
            return parseInt(row1.getAttribute('orig-order')) - parseInt(row2.getAttribute('orig-order'));
        .forEach(tr => bodyRowsContainer.appendChild(tr));

function indicateRestoreTableOrder(table) {
    //show a hint how to restore the original order 
    table.querySelectorAll('caption p.indicator:not(table table caption p.indicator)').forEach(indicator => {
        if (!indicator.querySelector('.restore-hint') && settings.restoreHint) {
            indicator.innerHTML += ` <span class="restore-hint">${settings.restoreHint}</span>`;
            //in case the hint contained a button, 
            //assign a css class and a restore order action to that button
            indicator.querySelectorAll('.restore-hint button').forEach(button => {
                button.addEventListener('click', () => {

function indicateSortableTable(table) {
    //prepare a table caption element
    //to contain a hint that the table
    //can be sorted
    let caption = table.querySelector('caption:not(table table caption)');
    if (!caption) {
        caption = document.createElement('caption');
    let indicator = table.querySelector('p.indicator:not(table table p.indicator)');
    if (!indicator) {
        indicator = document.createElement('p');
        indicator.innerHTML = settings.sortHint;

function insertColumnSortToggle(th) {
    //convert the table th´s so that their previous content
    //is wrapped inside of a button element
    //that button will toggle the sorting of the column

    if (th.querySelectorAll(':not(abbr):not(b):not(br):not(cite):not(code):not(em):not(i):not(img):not(kbd):not(label):not(mark):not(small):not(span):not(strong):not(sub):not(sup):not(svg):not(time)').length) {
        //in this case
        //we cannot replace the th content with a button
        //because buttons are allowed to only contain phrasing content
        return null;
    } else {
        //use a button toggle for accessibility
        th.innerHTML = `<button>${th.innerHTML}</button>`;
        //watch out for the css
        //th.sotable-column>button is referring to
        //this element
        return th.firstChild;

function sotable(options) {
    document.querySelectorAll('tr:first-child>th:not(.no-so)').forEach(th => {

        let table = th.closest('table');
        if (!isBlacklisted(table) && isWhitelisted(table)) {
            let columnIndex = getColumnIndex(th);
            let column = getColumn(table, columnIndex);

            if (canColumnSort(column)) {
                let toggle = insertColumnSortToggle(th);
                if (toggle) {
                    toggle.addEventListener('click', () => {
                        let asc = !isColumnAsc(getColumn(table, columnIndex));
                        let bodyRowsContainer = getBodyRowsContainer(table);
                        let bodyRows = getBodyRows(table);

                            .sort(comparer(getColumnIndex(th), asc))
                            .forEach(tr => bodyRowsContainer.appendChild(tr));
                        indicateColumnSortDirection(table, th, asc);