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  1. Nice collection and interactive example of helpful tips. Thanks!

  2. awesome tips! Thanks for sharing.

  3. very clean design and thoroughly explained, nice work.

  4. Very nice work, and cool tips. Thank You.

  5. Thanks for all these tip! But why two tips number 21? :)

  6. Thank you for putting this into editable code. I can learn better ways to write color properties, for one thing!

  7. Awesome collection, but I don't understand number 6. I think the text in the example is not aligned correctly. I'm using Chrome 63. The column sizes are wrong too. Can someone please explain to me this example? Edit: I think I see what it is- you are missing class "text-col" in CSS. You select it in HTML but then you don't set it's width in CSS and that's why example is broken.

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