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Inspired of http://codepen.io/nenuadrian/details/iHoKq (not works for now) By the way this pen already inspired many other people :) And I have my first article about this - https://martijnbrekelmans.com/generative-art/heart-deconstruction/techniques.html Thank you!


  1. Woah woah woah woah woah....... awe <3

    This is incredible.

  2. Holy crap, awesome.

  3. Really nice jobs, it's look like plasma !

  4. That's amazing!

  5. fantastic, your scripts amazed me

  6. Mind-blowing! Only 146 lines, and that's counting comments and polyfill. My goodness.

  7. great job)

  8. This is brilliant! Mind if I fork it for my wedding site?

  9. @escapist, Of course. It will be great, but keep in mind it script very expensive for GPU

  10. Wow wonderfull work!!! :)

  11. Wow man this is amazing, how can I get to do maths like that! It's only a few lines and works so well, it is genius.

  12. S U R R E A L

  13. such little javascript code. just wow

  14. Just wow. Not take my eyes

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