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                <div class="hero">
	<div class="title">
		<h1>6 Handy CSS3 Animation Projects</h1>
		<h3>Scrolling mouse icon</h3>
	<div class="mouse">
		<svg width="40px" height="59px" viewBox="0 0 40 59" version="1.1" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" id="mouse-icon">
			<!-- Generator: Sketch 48.2 (47327) - -->
			<desc>Created with Sketch.</desc>
			<g id="Page-1" stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd">
				<g id="Scrolling-mouse-icon" transform="translate(-230.000000, -221.000000)" fill="#193441">
					<g id="Mouse-icon" transform="translate(230.000000, 221.000000)">
						<path d="M20,5.58108108 C12.0470996,5.58108108 5.6,12.0063999 5.6,19.9324324 L5.6,39.0675676 C5.6,46.9936001 12.0470996,53.4189189 20,53.4189189 C27.9529004,53.4189189 34.4,46.9936001 34.4,39.0675676 L34.4,19.9324324 C34.4,12.0063999 27.9529004,5.58108108 20,5.58108108 Z M20,0 C31.045695,-2.12442676e-15 40,8.92405397 40,19.9324324 L40,39.0675676 C40,50.075946 31.045695,59 20,59 C8.954305,59 1.42108547e-15,50.075946 0,39.0675676 L0,19.9324324 C-1.42108547e-15,8.92405397 8.954305,2.12442676e-15 20,0 Z" id="Rectangle-4" fill-rule="nonzero"></path>
						<ellipse id="scroll-pointer" cx="20" cy="19.9324324" rx="4" ry="3.98648649"></ellipse>

<div class="content">
	<h2>An Envato Tuts+ Course</h2>
	<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Quia eveniet magni iste rerum obcaecati unde doloribus consectetur ut iure molestias soluta minus fugit, ad vero excepturi, maiores quos voluptate nihil? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Perspiciatis voluptate excepturi autem suscipit accusamus laboriosam aspernatur possimus voluptatum! Enim impedit sequi reiciendis reprehenderit fugiat molestias placeat totam tempora magni amet.</p>
	<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Iure et dicta adipisci quasi ipsam corporis iusto, dolores eveniet repudiandae blanditiis ullam dolor obcaecati atque est illum ad minima fugit. Aut.</p>


                /* 1. Basic body styling. */
body {
	font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
	line-height: 1.5;
	color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.75);

/* 2. Style the hero and content. */
.hero {
	background-color: #fcfff6;
	background-image: url("data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg xmlns='' width='400' height='400' viewBox='0 0 200 200'%3E%3Cg fill='none' stroke='%23ccdbd7' stroke-width='1' stroke-opacity='0.2'%3E%3Crect x='-40' y='40' width='75' height='75'/%3E%3Crect x='-35' y='45' width='65' height='65'/%3E%3Crect x='-30' y='50' width='55' height='55'/%3E%3Crect x='-25' y='55' width='45' height='45'/%3E%3Crect x='-20' y='60' width='35' height='35'/%3E%3Crect x='-15' y='65' width='25' height='25'/%3E%3Crect x='-10' y='70' width='15' height='15'/%3E%3Crect x='-5' y='75' width='5' height='5'/%3E%3Crect width='35' height='35'/%3E%3Crect x='5' y='5' width='25' height='25'/%3E%3Crect x='10' y='10' width='15' height='15'/%3E%3Crect x='15' y='15' width='5' height='5'/%3E%3Crect x='40' width='75' height='75'/%3E%3Crect x='45' y='5' width='65' height='65'/%3E%3Crect x='50' y='10' width='55' height='55'/%3E%3Crect x='55' y='15' width='45' height='45'/%3E%3Crect x='60' y='20' width='35' height='35'/%3E%3Crect x='65' y='25' width='25' height='25'/%3E%3Crect x='70' y='30' width='15' height='15'/%3E%3Crect x='75' y='35' width='5' height='5'/%3E%3Crect x='40' y='80' width='35' height='35'/%3E%3Crect x='45' y='85' width='25' height='25'/%3E%3Crect x='50' y='90' width='15' height='15'/%3E%3Crect x='55' y='95' width='5' height='5'/%3E%3Crect x='120' y='-40' width='75' height='75'/%3E%3Crect x='125' y='-35' width='65' height='65'/%3E%3Crect x='130' y='-30' width='55' height='55'/%3E%3Crect x='135' y='-25' width='45' height='45'/%3E%3Crect x='140' y='-20' width='35' height='35'/%3E%3Crect x='145' y='-15' width='25' height='25'/%3E%3Crect x='150' y='-10' width='15' height='15'/%3E%3Crect x='155' y='-5' width='5' height='5'/%3E%3Crect x='120' y='40' width='35' height='35'/%3E%3Crect x='125' y='45' width='25' height='25'/%3E%3Crect x='130' y='50' width='15' height='15'/%3E%3Crect x='135' y='55' width='5' height='5'/%3E%3Crect y='120' width='75' height='75'/%3E%3Crect x='5' y='125' width='65' height='65'/%3E%3Crect x='10' y='130' width='55' height='55'/%3E%3Crect x='15' y='135' width='45' height='45'/%3E%3Crect x='20' y='140' width='35' height='35'/%3E%3Crect x='25' y='145' width='25' height='25'/%3E%3Crect x='30' y='150' width='15' height='15'/%3E%3Crect x='35' y='155' width='5' height='5'/%3E%3Crect x='200' y='120' width='75' height='75'/%3E%3Crect x='40' y='200' width='75' height='75'/%3E%3Crect x='80' y='80' width='75' height='75'/%3E%3Crect x='85' y='85' width='65' height='65'/%3E%3Crect x='90' y='90' width='55' height='55'/%3E%3Crect x='95' y='95' width='45' height='45'/%3E%3Crect x='100' y='100' width='35' height='35'/%3E%3Crect x='105' y='105' width='25' height='25'/%3E%3Crect x='110' y='110' width='15' height='15'/%3E%3Crect x='115' y='115' width='5' height='5'/%3E%3Crect x='80' y='160' width='35' height='35'/%3E%3Crect x='85' y='165' width='25' height='25'/%3E%3Crect x='90' y='170' width='15' height='15'/%3E%3Crect x='95' y='175' width='5' height='5'/%3E%3Crect x='120' y='160' width='75' height='75'/%3E%3Crect x='125' y='165' width='65' height='65'/%3E%3Crect x='130' y='170' width='55' height='55'/%3E%3Crect x='135' y='175' width='45' height='45'/%3E%3Crect x='140' y='180' width='35' height='35'/%3E%3Crect x='145' y='185' width='25' height='25'/%3E%3Crect x='150' y='190' width='15' height='15'/%3E%3Crect x='155' y='195' width='5' height='5'/%3E%3Crect x='160' y='40' width='75' height='75'/%3E%3Crect x='165' y='45' width='65' height='65'/%3E%3Crect x='170' y='50' width='55' height='55'/%3E%3Crect x='175' y='55' width='45' height='45'/%3E%3Crect x='180' y='60' width='35' height='35'/%3E%3Crect x='185' y='65' width='25' height='25'/%3E%3Crect x='190' y='70' width='15' height='15'/%3E%3Crect x='195' y='75' width='5' height='5'/%3E%3Crect x='160' y='120' width='35' height='35'/%3E%3Crect x='165' y='125' width='25' height='25'/%3E%3Crect x='170' y='130' width='15' height='15'/%3E%3Crect x='175' y='135' width='5' height='5'/%3E%3Crect x='200' y='200' width='35' height='35'/%3E%3Crect x='200' width='35' height='35'/%3E%3Crect y='200' width='35' height='35'/%3E%3C/g%3E%3C/svg%3E");
	width: 100%;
	margin: 0 auto;
	height: 100vh;
	text-align: center;
	position: relative;
	display: flex;
	align-items: center;
	justify-content: center;
	border-bottom: 5px solid #193441;

	.hero h1,
	.hero h3 {
		background: #193441;
		padding: 1rem;
		color: #fcfff6;
		border-radius: 3px;

	.hero h1 {
		margin-bottom: 1px;

	.hero h3 {
		margin-top: 0;
		display: inline-block;

	.hero .mouse {
		position: absolute;
		bottom: 2rem;

.content {
	width: 30%;
	margin: 10rem auto;
	text-align: center;

	.content h2 {
		color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8);

/* 3. Animate the scroll pointer. */
@keyframes scrollDown {
	0%, 20% {
		transform: translate3d(0, 0, 0);
	25% {
		opacity: 1;
	100% {
		transform: translate3d(0, 25px, 0);
		opacity: 0;

#mouse-icon #scroll-pointer {
	animation: scrollDown 2s cubic-bezier(0.68, -0.55, 0.265, 1.55) infinite;