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Hovering over the hr element shows information on how far you are in the article and estimates how much time it will take to finish.


  1. I never even thought of using them as something with actual functionality.

  2. Interesting idea. One thing that can be changed is making the progress track all the previous words; currently it tracks the scroll on the page. On my screen the first HR can show anything between -11% and 24% depending on how much I've scrolled.

  3. Thanks for the feedback @futekov, that's a great idea.

  4. something is slightly bugging me about hovering over visually-undefined space. did you try automatically triggering these based on scroll position?

    it's a great idea. other than mine, i hope this wins.

  5. @jakealbaugh - I was pretty on the fence about automatically triggering it vs hover. Maybe I'll make it an option that you can enable/disable in javascript. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Also, I'll admit I was secretly rooting for yours to win if not mine too. Good luck!

  6. @trhino aw gosh golly thanks. optionally toggling the scroll detection sounds like a good compromise. defaulting it to off would still be enough to appease me.

  7. Congrats on winning the rodeo! Totally deserved it!

  8. @trhino that would be cool (automatically triggering these based on scroll). I would suggest having it reveal as you scroll down and then have it revert back to it's normal state if you scroll up.

  9. I think this is just wonderful, @trhino.

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