Let's learn some Canvas

So I found myself messaged today in regards to tagging one of my pens canvas-club with a link to this blog entry by Abhijit Hota . An excellent idea I thought. Learning by doing, learning by example and potentially people learning from each other. Well, I sure added a few pens into this tag. Whether they will be added to his collection or not who knows. However, it got me to thinking. I have really just been playing around with things with no particular aim other than make something cool. I don't really know of any good tutorials out there that will actually teach canvas. I know of one offs that will show how to do X cool thing or Y effect. In the field of coding somethings get a ton of info (ruby has more tutorials than you can shake a stick at) and others not so much (php god how i hate trying to learn you without pouring through the docs). Canvas animation appears to be the same way.

A new challenger appears

Realizing this fatal flaw, I thought well let's work on that. What if I, in this blog that I never use on codepen, take a little time to go through and teach what I know to the masses. We will start with the basics of canvas and move on from there. I hope to do about one tutorial a week which will culminate anything you might need to know to work with canvas. So lets get started shall we?

What you can expect

Canvas from the ground up. Learning from begining to end. There will be no shortcuts. No libraries. No JQuery. Just honest and powerful loose typed language that it is pure javascript. I do belive that learning from the bottom up is the best this will help you understand fundamentally how frameworks and libraries work later on.

We will be starting with the basics. Creating shapes setting up the canvas. Making objects move. That sort of thing. Moving from that we will talk about adding events to liven up and make your canvas art interactive. Next we will start to work on adding physics to our canvas. Yes there will be math but I hope to present it in an easy to understand way. Starting out with welcoming you into the world of velocities and gravity. We will be playing with particles and sprites. Hopefully (depending on me as a teacher) we will delve into 3d on the canvas.


You can use these resources as you go along to help. The more you read the better.

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