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                <svg xmlns="" 
     width="700px" height="400px" 
     viewBox="0 0 6024393 3479896"
   <clipPath id="cp">
    <path  d="M0 1042442c0,122122 22935,222611 46662,341254 18918,94593 36781,185178 58494,277701 161364,687644 166828,863222 891059,1151963 326208,130054 644908,253310 976544,376854 155528,57939 464453,171143 630508,214284 283664,73698 448040,111556 743330,27683 531388,-150937 1650861,-405957 2004140,-823338 44277,-52311 99873,-157707 131808,-221626 215720,-431756 374366,-876055 499360,-1340809 44279,-164652 76600,-306120 -23175,-411188 -175707,-177655 -385612,-329107 -589303,-474169 -216996,-154536 -299143,-178420 -551383,-151506 -1417969,151295 -2879185,340168 -4287275,572324 -130151,21460 -292133,52107 -373254,118107 -88621,72103 -157515,185215 -157515,342466z"/>   
<image xlink:href=""
      x="0" y="0"