#CCC Theme Weekend is back!!

Let's be the rainbows in a world full of clouds through our #RainbowTextWeekend theme!!

Pens must include text && rainbows. So, you can have rainbow text, text over a rainbow background, text within a rainbow...anything goes, so long as you bring forth maximum love and creativity ;)

It would be especially special if our text relayed some words of wisdom, so here are

A few well-known Symbolic Meanings of Rainbows:

  • Life
  • Hope
  • Divinity
  • Promise
  • Creation
  • Potential
  • Harmony
  • Expansion
  • Ascension
  • Spirituality
  • Connection
  • Transformation
  • Pride
  • Love

Please be sure to tag your pens with #RainbowTextWeekend && post your links to the comment section of this blog post so they may be added to The Collection.

Let's have a great time && enjoy one another!!

Thanks to all who voted this week!!
Please remember to VOTE for the next Theme!

A Huge Thank You to @towc for developing && maintaining our CCC voting system.

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