7/12 UPDATE:

We took a little vacation, but CCC Theme Weekends Are Back for the weekend of 7/17/2015!! For a successful come-back, we need everyone to participate in theme voting. At your convenience, please visit our CCC Theme voting page. Voting will be open till midnight (really 11:59pm est) Thursday, 7/16/2015.


Theme for the weekend of 6/19 is #holySpaceCows (yea, you read that right...) See the Blog Post for details!!


Theme for the weekend of 6/13 is a GrayScaleTriangles! Since it's a bit late in the weekend, there will be no blog post, so just tag your pens with #grayScaleTrianglesShortWeekend && Have Fun!!
See the first theme pen by @Mamboleoo : Explosion of Pyramids


Theme for the weekend of 5/29 is Pastel Dots. See Ana Tudor's Blog Post for details ;) Happy Pastel-Dotting!!


Theme for the weekend of 6/5 is a GrayScale_HintOfRainbow_CurvedLines Super Combo Challenge! See The Blog Post for details ;) Have Fun!!


Theme for the weekend of 5/29 is Pastel Dots. See Ana Tudor's Blog Post for details ;) Happy Pastel-Dotting!!

Many of you may have noticed a series of Rainbow themed pens over the past few weeks. The first of them was Rainbow Stars, and most recently, Rainbow Squares. This coming weekend (beginning Friday) we will further challenge ourselves creatively with Rainbow Straight Lines.

All CodePen members are welcome to join in the community action. Simply create your masterpiece, tag it with #RainbowStraightLinesWeekend, and add the pen link to the comment section of this blog post. You may also send a tweet to alert everyone of your participation.

The only rule is that the pen follow the current theme: Rainbowy colors and straight lines. You may blow our minds with Canvas, strut your stuff in CSS, or wow us with SVG. No matter your fancy, creativity is a must!

@MateiGCopot has kindly gathered the previous themed pens, so if you would like to view them and, perhaps, get those creative juices flowing, please visit the below Collections:

  • Rainbow Stars
  • Rainbow Squares
  • Pens for the current Rainbow Straight Lines Theme may be viewed here:

  • Rainbow Straight Lines

    Looking forward to a great #RainbowStraightLines turn-out!!

    Very Special Thanks To The Following For Being the Original KickStarters of the Rainbow Themes:

  • @thebabydino
  • @jackrugile
  • @MateiGCopot
  • @EduardoLopes
  • And Of Course,

  • @chriscoyier

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