7/12 UPDATE:

We took a little vacation, but CCC Theme Weekends Are Back for the weekend of 7/17/2015!! For a successful come-back, we need everyone to participate in theme voting. At your convenience, please visit our CCC Theme voting page. Voting will be open till midnight (really 11:59pm est) Thursday, 7/16/2015.

Another weekend, another CodePen Creative Challenge!!

The votes are in and the CodePen Community has decided this weekend's theme will be:

Holy Space Cows

So, what does that mean, you ask?   Well, the primary focal point of your pens should be cows, with a palette falling into one of the below three catagories:

Please tag your pens with #holySpaceCowsWeekend && post your links to the comment section of this blog post so they may be added to The Collection.

Side Note:

Cow is also used to refer to female whales, seals, bison, alligators, camels, dolphins, elephants, emus, hippos, gnus, oxen, moose, prairie dogs, rhinos, and yaks!

Big Thanks to Greg Sweet ( @ControlledChaos ) for that little tidbit of information!

But, if cows are just not your thing, you may take a not-so-literal approach, as did Gregor Adams ( @pixalass ) in his #holySpaceCows interpretation.

Special Thanks to Amelia Bellamy-Royds ( @AmeliaBR ) for inspiring the title of this post!!

Thanks to COLOURlovers for their impressive selection of fantasy palettes!
And Eduardo Lopes ( @EduardoLopes ) for pointing out these specific palette catagories!


Please be sure to VOTE for the next Theme!
A Huge Thank You to @MateiGCopot for developing our CCC voting system.