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This 'Scintillating Grid' swells on mousemove / touchmove.

About 'Scintillating Grid' Illusion:

Black dots appear to form and vanish at the intersections of the gray horizontal and vertical lines. When focusing attention on a single white dot, some gray dots nearby and some black dots a little further away also seem to appear. More black dots seem to appear as the eye is scanned across the grid (as opposed to focusing on a single point).

** Curiously, the effect of the scintillation is lessened by cocking the head 45° **


  1. Fantastic! Really love the bounce.

  2. It's amazing. Do you invented all math for this animation? For me, it's hard to understand at a first glance. If you could point out what magic or theory behind this, maybe I could understand.. maybe... ;-)

    Thank you.

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