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Just playing with Doyle Numerics && making spirals...


  1. Does it comply with codepen rules to try to hypnotise people ? Really cool!

  2. Tiffany does it again!!

  3. You are now officially my biggest hero...

  4. I can't tell if this makes me cross-eyed or wall-eyed

  5. @Yakudoo hahaha...probably breaks all the codepen rules of hypnotism ;) thank you!!
    @VHall thanks so much!!
    @pixelass Dude, I made this nearly a year ago, I could have BEEN your biggest hero!!!! ;) thanks!!
    @lightest thank you ;)
    @brownerd Definitely wall-eyed! ;)

  6. OMFG.... The unsung hero...

    It's not my fault.. you just make too many amazing things here.. also a year ago I wasn't really active on codepen.. I think I started going crazy about 8 - 9 months ago ;)

  7. @pixelass hahaha...the unsung hero, that's great. Well, better late than never!! && thank you again ;)

  8. You outdid yourself once again! mind = blown...

  9. @chrislaarman LoL...thanks so much ;)

  10. my brain... hurts

  11. I really like this!

  12. @felipedefarias haha....bc of the code? or the trippyness of the spirals?? or both???

  13. @AuntieVal thank you so much ;)

  14. Both, OH hell! how I wanted to understand a single line of this code! hahahaha

  15. Don't know if you noticed or they told you, but it looks like this pen is featured in CodePen's style guide. I guess that seals it...you're officially crowned queen. :)

  16. @nategreen oh HA! No, they didn't tell me, I had no idea...that's amazing -- thanks so much for letting me know ;) awesome!

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