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Responds to mouse / touch moves.
An exoplanet ( or extrasolar planet ) orbits a star other than the Sun. Hue changes of an exoplanet are thought to be the flickering reflection of the massive star of which it orbits.


  1. Now That is just way too cool! I wish I had even a fraction of your coding and math skills!

  2. @AuntieVal thank you so much! Happy you like it ;)

  3. I looked at your code and I can declare this crazy. Holy cow Tiffany, amazing code, great job! It's gorgeous.

  4. WOW! I think this is my favorite of your pens- which is hard to do- it's between this and the bouncy SVG that adds vertices... don't make me pick. ANYWAYS, I love space, and I love this. Great work.

  5. @ImagineProgramming hahaha..well, the code is kind of a mess to tell the truth, really needs a clean up job ;) But thank you so much!!

    @MAW thank you =)

    @sdras LoL...thank you, Sarah! Space is my fetish =) I would never make you pick, you can love as many of my pens as you want, equally ;)

  6. @tmrDevelops @sdras more space coming soon, 2D though :(

  7. @ImagineProgramming 2d/3d no matter...much love for it ;)

  8. I'm just gonna sit here and drool over this awhile.

    Seriously, this is amazing.

  9. @cl4ws0n LoL...thank you!!

  10. This is so awesome! Nice work!!

  11. @slstudios thank you very much! Glad you like it ;)

  12. Aw man this is rad! Nice work Tiffany :D!

  13. Thomas @webinnov_france on

    Nice work but it's not good for my natural seasickness ;)

  14. @webinnov_france LoL...I knew I should've added that disclaimer! Thank you ;)

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