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SVG Polygon with Verlet integration - coded in vanilla JS. Drag && throw (mouse or touch); use the slider to change the number of points / shape.


  1. Thomas @webinnov_france on

    When i see this pen, it remind me mesh structures in Phisycs (particularly works on strains). There is lots of applications for your work. You have fabulous capacities in Mathematics...Carry on !

  2. @webinnov_france thank you so much! And that is essentially what this is, verlet intergration in physics, so it makes sense that you are reminded of strain - stress and tensile ;)

  3. Awesome! Love how realistic the physics are.

  4. This is sweet, amazing stuff Tiffany!

  5. I believe Unreal had an implementation of this as a preview for UE4, but I've still yet to see it in the engine. I think they dropped development for it when nvidia started working on this:

    PhysX FleX

  6. @Aldlevine Yes, I've seen the PhysX FleX demos && they're incredible!

  7. @brh55 , @ZCKVNS Thank you very much!!

  8. I don't even have to say it, but I still will; Amazing! :D

  9. This is beyond amazing

  10. @b2l2l , @stephenbe thanks so much!

  11. I mean really. The fact that you actually took real life math and translated it into code is just...next level, I bow down to you, not a lot of people can get to that level. I'm just in aw, i'm sorry haha

  12. @stephenbe hahaha...don't apologize ;) I'm a weirdo math geek to the :nth degree - I actually visualize numbers && algorithms; most of my pens have heavy mathematical injection. But thank you, I truly appreciate your comments, you're very kind.

  13. This is really nice! :DD

  14. All my favorite things in one pen: SVG, animation, complex mathematical shape generation, and of course, interactive bounciness!

  15. @AmeliaBR hahaha...I'm so glad my pen satisfied all of your heart's desires!! You know, I originally did this in all JS ( JS generated poly shapes ), but since I made this during my 'learning SVG' phase && I was craving an extra migrane, I decided on an SVG Poly at the last minute ;)

  16. awesome stuff!!

  17. I have no words to say for this amazing stuff but I must want to say this is awesome:)

  18. @hania66 =) Thank you very much!

  19. Great work! Love it. Reminds me of one of my own mesh experiments... https://codepen.io/cantelope/pen/aJwojz

  20. @cantelope Oh that's fun!! I love the bubbly jelly bottom -- reminds me of those bounce fun houses (which are supposed to be for kids). Nicely done ;)

  21. Hey there, Amazing pen ! i sort of used some of your styling code (okay all of it ! lol) for a personal project ! i'm still new to web design so it's kinda tough Anyway, here it is https://codepen.io/Tawantoch/full/QMgomL/

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