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  <div class="editor-wrap">
    <textarea id="editor">
      <h1><span class="mce-annotation tox-comment" data-mce-annotation-uid="mce-conversation_39124539331662741473397" data-mce-annotation="tinycomments">Assignment</span> #3: Color Theory</h1>
      <p>For this week's assignment, you will learn the basics of color theory.</p>
      <p>Select one of the following topics, and write a research essay. Ensure you answer the questions in full, and provide references for any primary or secondary sources<sup id="footnote_83179098411662742784603" class="mce-footnote"><a href="#footnotes_entry_83179098411662742784603">1</a></sup> consulted. Contact {{Course.Teacher.Name}} or {{Course.Department.Head}} if you have any questions about the assignment.</p>
      <div style="left: 0px; width: 100%; height: 0px; position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; max-width: 800px;" data-ephox-embed-iri=""><iframe style="border: 0; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; position: absolute;" src="" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></div>
      <h2>This week's tasks</h2>
      <p>Begin by watching the video above then proceed to the assignment questionnaire by pressing continue below.</p>
      <h3>Topic List</h3>
        <li>The origin of Color theory and its effect on emotion and mood is contentious.<sup id="footnote_98446634721662742994322" class="mce-footnote"><a href="#footnotes_entry_98446634721662742994322">2</a></sup> Identify your understanding of the originators of Color theory. Argue for the effectiveness of certain color palettes over others to create different moods.</li>
        <li>While some experts argue there are no new color palettes, others argue innovation is a constant process. Choose one side, and build an argument: There are no new color palette innovations. New color palette innovations are happening all the time.</li>
        <li>Select three examples of color theory in practice that are all part of one medium (e.g. film, magazine, television). Explain why these three examples are effective. Contrast and argue why one of these examples is more effective in its use of color theory concepts compared to the others.</li>
        <li>Wassily Kandinsky states &ldquo;Color is a power which directly influences the soul.&rdquo;<sup id="footnote_34341905131662743043554" class="mce-footnote"><a href="#footnotes_entry_34341905131662743043554">3</a></sup> Explain what Kandinsky meant, and provide an argument explaining what Kandinsky means using color theory principles.</li>
        <li>Think about the difference between mixing colors using colored lights vs using paint.</li>
        <li>Pay extra attention to the different complementary color models.</li>
        <p>&ldquo;Color is a power which directly influences the soul.&rdquo;<br><span style="color: #95a5a6;"><em>&ndash;&nbsp;Wassily Kandinsky&nbsp;</em></span></p>
      <p>Please submit your tasks before {{Assignment.DueDate}}</p>
      <h2>Grading Criteria</h2>
      <table style="border-collapse: collapse; width: 99.8698%; height: 157px;" border="1">
            <th style="width: 18.0915%;" scope="col">&nbsp;</th>
            <td style="width: 18.0915%;" scope="col">High Achievement</td>
            <td style="width: 18.2224%;" scope="col">Good Achievement</td>
            <td style="width: 18.2224%;" scope="col">Pass</td>
            <td style="width: 18.2224%;" scope="col">Fail</td>
            <th style="width: 18.0915%;" scope="col">Demonstrated knowledge of color theory</th>
            <td style="width: 18.0915%;">The student shows an outstanding knowledge and command of color theory concepts</td>
            <td style="width: 18.2224%;">The student shows good knowledge and understanding of color theory concepts</td>
            <td style="width: 18.2224%;">The student shows some knowledge of color theory and a basic understanding of color theory concepts</td>
            <td style="width: 18.2224%;">The student has not demonstrated knowledge of color theory, or the concepts of color theory.</td>
            <th style="width: 18.0915%;" scope="col">Argument composition skills</th>
            <td style="width: 18.0915%;">The student shows an outstanding argument composition skills</td>
            <td style="width: 18.2224%;">The student shows good argument composition skills</td>
            <td style="width: 18.2224%;">The student shows some argument composition skills.</td>
            <td style="width: 18.2224%;">The student does not show clear argument composition skills</td>
            <th style="width: 18.0915%;" scope="col">Consulted resources</th>
            <td style="width: 18.0915%;">The student shows they have consulted excellent resources</td>
            <td style="width: 18.2224%;">The student has consulted good resources</td>
            <td style="width: 18.2224%;">The student has consulted some resources required for the assignment</td>
            <td style="width: 18.2224%;">The student has not consulted adequate resources</td>
            <th style="width: 18.0915%;" scope="col">Writing, Grammar, and Clarity</th>
            <td style="width: 18.0915%;">The student shows a command of the language in their work</td>
            <td style="width: 18.2224%;">The student shows effective writing skills</td>
            <td style="width: 18.2224%;">The student shows clear writing skills</td>
            <td style="width: 18.2224%;">The student shows unclear writing skills</td>
      <div class="mce-footnotes">
          <li id="footnotes_entry_83179098411662742784603"><a class="mce-footnotes-backlink" href="#footnote_83179098411662742784603">^&nbsp;</a><span class="mce-footnotes-note">AMA Style Guide.&nbsp;<a href=""></a>. Accessed September 9, 2022.&nbsp;</span></li>
          <li id="footnotes_entry_98446634721662742994322"><a class="mce-footnotes-backlink" href="#footnote_98446634721662742994322">^&nbsp;</a><span class="mce-footnotes-note">Color theory. Wikipedia. <a href=""></a>. Published September 3, 2022. Accessed September 24, 2022.&nbsp;</span></li>
          <li id="footnotes_entry_34341905131662743043554"><a class="mce-footnotes-backlink" href="#footnote_34341905131662743043554">^&nbsp;</a><span class="mce-footnotes-note">Kandinsky W. A quote from concerning the spiritual in art. Goodreads. <a href=""></a>. Accessed September 14, 2022.&nbsp;</span></li>



                body {
  margin: 60px 16px;
  font-family: -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto,
    Oxygen-Sans, Ubuntu, Cantarell, "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial,
  background-color: #fafafc;
  font-family: "Asap", serif;
  color: #222f3e;
.editor-wrap {
  max-width: 1200px;
  margin: auto;



                // TinyMCE Learning Management System (LMS) Starter Config
// Quick start video -

  // Select the element(s) to add TinyMCE to using any valid CSS selector
  selector: "#editor",

  // Tip - To make TinyMCE leaner, only include the plugins you need
    "a11ychecker advcode autocorrect autoresize autosave charmap charmap checklist code emoticons footnotes fullscreen image link linkchecker lists media mediaembed mergetags powerpaste preview table tinycomments tinymcespellchecker",

  // Specify the toolbar buttons
  // We have put our custom insert token button last
    "undo redo | blocks | bold italic underline strikethrough forecolor backcolor | align checklist bullist numlist | link image media footnotes mergetags table | subscript superscript charmap blockquote | tokens | spellchecker a11ycheck  |  addcomment showcomments | fullscreen preview",

  // Disable the status bar
  statusbar: false,

  // Enable sticky toolbar
  toolbar_sticky: true,

  // Set Enhanced Media Embed's max width
  mediaembed_max_width: 800,

  // You can assign each item in the Blocks menu a user-friendly name
    "Title=h1; Heading=h2; Sub heading=h3; Blockquote=blockquote; Paragraph=p",

  // Use font_css to load custom fonts from an external source
  font_css: [
  ], // URLs containing commas and such have to be wrapped in an array to work

  // Set options for Accessibility Checker
  a11y_advanced_options: true,
  a11ychecker_html_version: "html5",
  a11ychecker_level: "aa",

  // Merge Tags lets users add non-editable personalization tokens to your content, so your
  // app can then populate the dynamic content into what is rendered for users
  // TODO: Add Merge Tags docs URL
  mergetags_list: [
      title: "Course",
      menu: [
          value: "Course.Name",
          title: "Course Name"
          value: "Course.Teacher.Name",
          title: "Teacher Name"
          value: "Course.Department.Head",
          title: "Department Head"
      title: "Assignment",
      menu: [
          value: "Assignment.Name",
          title: "Assignment Name"
          value: "Assignment.DueDate",
          title: "Assignment Due Date"
      title: "Student",
      menu: [
          value: "Student.Name",
          title: "Student Name"
          value: "Student.ID",
          title: "Student ID"
          value: "Student.Email",
          title: "Student Email"

  // Here we specify some text formatting shortcuts, as well as
  // some blacklisted words/emojis
  text_patterns: [
    { start: "darnit", replacement: "????" },
    { start: "????", replacement: "????" },
    { start: "1/2", replacement: "1/2" },
    { start: "--", replacement: "--" },
    { start: "(c)", replacement: "(c)" },
    { start: "->", replacement: "?" },
    { start: "* ", cmd: "InsertUnorderedList" },
      start: "1. ",
      cmd: "InsertOrderedList",
      value: { "list-style-type": "decimal" }
    { start: "#", format: "h1" },
    { start: "##", format: "h2" },
    { start: "###", format: "h3" }

  // The Tiny Comments plugin enables you to quickly get collaboration up and
  // running. There are a lot of options, but here are the most basic
  // ones to get you started
  tinycomments_mode: "embedded",
  tinycomments_author: "rmartel",
  tinycomments_author_name: "Rosalina Martel (Instructor)",

  // Show the comments sidebar by default to encourage collaboration and discovery
  sidebar_show: "showcomments",

  // The following css will be injected into the editor, extending
  // the default styles.
  // In a real world scenario, with much more custom styles for headings
  // links, tables, images etc, it's recommended to use the content_css
  // option to load a separate CSS file. Makes editing easier too.
  content_style: `
      body {
        max-width: 800px;
        margin: auto;
        font-family: 'Asap', serif;
        font-size: 17px;
        color: #222f3e;
      h1, h2, h3, strong {
        font-weight: 550;
      table th,
      table thead td {
        background-color: #ecf0f1;
        font-weight: 550;
        text-align: left;
      table caption {
        display: none;
      table[data-mce-selected="1"] caption {
        display: table-caption;
      .mce-footnotes {

  // Next step: Check out Tiny Drive for easy cloud storage of your users'
  // images and media. Integrates seamlessly with TinyMCE.