<!-- Appears on Tiny Blueprint (https://www.tiny.cloud/blog/) in articles:
 - Add an emoji picker to your textareas-->
<textarea id="mytextarea"><p>To insert a 🙂 emoji, either:</p><ul><li>Type a colon followed by a keyword, e.g., <code>:smile</code>, then press <em>Enter</em> or&nbsp;<em>Return</em> to add the highlighted emoji, or click the desired emoji from those displayed, or</li><li>Select the emoticons toolbar button to open the picker, and use the tabs or search bar to browse, then click the desired emoji</li></ul><p>Try it here!&nbsp;</p></textarea>
  selector: "#mytextarea",
  plugins: "emoticons autoresize",
  toolbar: "emoticons",
  toolbar_location: "bottom",
  menubar: false,
  statusbar: false

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