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                <div class="container">
<svg xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" viewBox="0 0 438 360">
    <ellipse id="path-1" cx="30.8635392" cy="19.3007916" rx="4.5" ry="4.5"/>
    <mask id="mask-2" x="0" y="0" width="9" height="9" fill="#fff">
      <use xlink:href="#path-1"/>
  <g fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd">
    <g class="stars">
      <path class="Star1" fill="#D6E1E8" d="M136.618 30.585l3.292-8.733 9.026-3.517-8.54-4.506-3.96-8.25-4.202 8.73-8.298 4.303 9.426 3.717 3.256 8.248"/>
      <path class="Star2" fill="#E7ECF0" d="M113.213 60.688l2.37-5.94 6.5-2.39-6.15-3.065-2.85-5.605-3.027 5.937-5.974 2.928 6.787 2.527 2.34 5.608"/>
    <g class="tree1" transform="translate(.5 168)" fill="#84AEA5">
      <path class="trunk" d="M35.166 43.84h5v30h-5z"/>
      <circle id="foliage" cx="39.0683617" cy="37.0382118" r="13"/>
      <ellipse class="foliage" cx="38.0598421" cy="18.3982702" rx="10.5" ry="10.5"/>
      <ellipse class="foliage" cx="50.3948271" cy="30.2452058" rx="11" ry="11"/>
      <ellipse class="foliage" cx="27.0919663" cy="31.0214532" rx="11" ry="11"/>
      <ellipse class="foliage" cx="18.0683617" cy="19.2452058" rx="7" ry="7"/>
      <ellipse class="foliage_animated" cx="5.64587214" cy="6.21733856" rx="5.5" ry="5.5"/>
    <g class="tree2" fill="#84AEA5">
      <path class="trunk" d="M414.874 248.157h6v-34h-6"/>
      <path d="M423.415 205.8c0 6.904-5.373 12.5-12 12.5s-12-5.596-12-12.5c0-6.902 5.373-12.5 12-12.5s12 5.598 12 12.5z" id="foliage"/>
      <path d="M425.438 193.3c6.627 0 12 5.598 12 12.5 0 6.904-5.373 12.5-12 12.5s-12-5.596-12-12.5c0-6.902 5.373-12.5 12-12.5" id="foliage"/>
      <path d="M418.712 179.755c6.903 0 12.5 6.044 12.5 13.5s-5.597 13.5-12.5 13.5c-6.904 0-12.5-6.044-12.5-13.5s5.596-13.5 12.5-13.5" id="foliage"/>
    <g class="sqbuilding">
      <path d="M84.714 112.866c0-4.97 4.03-9.002 9-9.002h42.002c4.97 0 9 4.022 9 9.002v125.998H84.713V112.866z" id="structure" fill="#D3BDB0"/>
      <g class="sqwGroup" fill="#FFF">
        <path class="w" data-index="1" d="M108.865 218.497h12v12h-12z"/>
        <path class="w" data-index="2" d="M93.88 218.417h12v12h-12z"/>
        <path class="w" data-index="3" d="M123.85 203.33h12v12h-12z"/>
        <path class="w" data-index="4" d="M108.865 203.692h12v12h-12z"/>
        <path class="w" data-index="5" d="M93.88 203.61h12v12h-12z"/>
        <path class="w" data-index="6" d="M123.85 188.364h12v12h-12z"/>
        <path class="w" data-index="7" d="M108.865 188.726h12v12h-12z"/>
        <path class="w" data-index="8" d="M93.88 188.645h12v12h-12z"/>
        <path class="w" data-index="9" d="M123.85 173.197h12v12h-12z"/>
        <path class="w" data-index="10" d="M108.865 173.558h12v12h-12z"/>
        <path class="w" data-index="11" d="M93.88 173.478h12v12h-12z"/>
        <path class="w" data-index="12" d="M123.85 158.392h12v12h-12z"/>
        <path class="w" data-index="13" d="M108.865 158.753h12v12h-12z"/>
        <path class="w" data-index="14" d="M93.88 158.673h12v12h-12z"/>
        <path class="w" data-index="15" d="M123.85 143.426h12v12h-12z"/>
        <path class="w" data-index="16" d="M108.865 143.787h12v12h-12z"/>
        <path class="w" data-index="17" d="M93.88 143.707h12v12h-12z"/>
        <path class="w" data-index="18" d="M123.7 128.26h12v12h-12z"/>
        <path class="w" data-index="19" d="M108.713 128.62h12v12h-12z"/>
        <path class="w" data-index="20" d="M93.726 128.54h12v12h-12z"/>
        <path class="w" data-index="21" d="M108.665 113.687h12v12h-12z"/>
        <path class="w" data-index="22" d="M123.85 113.687h12v12h-12z"/>
        <path class="w" data-index="23" d="M123.85 218.458h12v12h-12z"/>
        <path class="w" data-index="24" d="M93.478 113.687h12v12h-12z"/>
    <g class="hancock">
      <path class="structure" fill="#D3BDB0" d="M326.352 51.64h40l10 187h-60"/>
      <path class="detail" fill="#FFF" d="M319.71 172.634h53v6h-53m3.127-68.842h47v5h-47z"/>
      <g class="xGroup" fill="#FFF">
        <path d="M333.23 193.094c1.656 0 3.78 1.087 4.75 2.438l22.14 30.79c.97 1.345.415 2.436-1.242 2.436h-.18c-1.655 0-3.772-1.097-4.73-2.45l-21.766-30.762c-.958-1.354-.398-2.452 1.264-2.452h-.236z" id="detail"/>
        <path d="M360.31 193.182c-1.657 0-3.827 1.064-4.843 2.375l-23.905 30.825c-1.017 1.312-.507 2.376 1.158 2.376h.295c1.657 0 3.816-1.065 4.82-2.376l23.62-30.825c1.006-1.312.482-2.375-1.18-2.375h.035z" id="detail"/>
      <g class="xGroup" fill="#FFF">
        <path d="M333.23 127.196c1.656 0 3.78 1.087 4.75 2.437l22.14 30.79c.97 1.346.415 2.437-1.242 2.437h-.18c-1.655 0-3.772-1.097-4.73-2.45l-21.766-30.762c-.958-1.354-.398-2.452 1.264-2.452h-.236z" id="Path-7"/>
        <path d="M360.31 127.283c-1.657 0-3.827 1.065-4.843 2.376l-23.905 30.82c-1.017 1.31-.507 2.372 1.158 2.372h.295c1.657 0 3.816-1.066 4.82-2.377l23.62-30.825c1.006-1.312.482-2.376-1.18-2.376h.035z" id="Path-7"/>
      <g class="xGroup" fill="#FFF">
        <path d="M333.23 63.79c1.656 0 3.78 1.088 4.75 2.438l22.14 30.79c.97 1.346.415 2.437-1.242 2.437h-.18c-1.655 0-3.772-1.097-4.73-2.45L332.202 66.24c-.958-1.353-.398-2.45 1.264-2.45h-.236z" id="Path-7"/>
        <path d="M360.31 63.878c-1.657 0-3.827 1.065-4.843 2.376L331.562 97.08c-1.017 1.31-.507 2.375 1.158 2.375h.295c1.657 0 3.816-1.065 4.82-2.376l23.62-30.83c1.006-1.31.482-2.38-1.18-2.38h.035z" id="Path-7"/>
      <path class="detail" fill="#D3BDB0" d="M336.498 39.16h6v13h-6m12.068-13h6v13h-6z"/>
    <g class="willets" transform="translate(234.885 1)">
      <path d="M33.73 24.532H.4v213h33.33v-213zm13.334 37.826H33.73v175.174h13.334V62.358zm13.334 92.078H47.064v83.096h13.334v-83.096z" id="structure" fill="#84AFA5"/>
      <path class="detail" fill="#84AEA5" d="M6.116.688h6v24h-6zm15.454 0h6v24h-6z"/>
      <path class="detail" fill="#FDFDFD" d="M9.116 90.697h27v9h-27m-.372-24h27v9h-27"/>
      <rect class="cw" fill="#FFF" x="24.5712272" y="164.956077" width="11" height="11" rx="5.5"/>
      <path class="sqw" fill="#FFF" d="M9.336 164.956h11v11h-11z"/>
      <rect class="cw" fill="#FFF" x="24.5712272" y="106.37828" width="11" height="11" rx="5.5"/>
      <path class="sqw" fill="#FFF" d="M9.336 106.378h11v11h-11zM24.57 123.27h11v11h-11z"/>
      <rect class="cw" fill="#FFF" x="9.33596848" y="123.268531" width="11" height="11" rx="5.5"/>
    <g class="vbuilding">
      <path class="structure" fill="#C3E3D8" d="M164.76 88.864h50.002v150h-50"/>
      <path class="detail" fill="#FFF" d="M162.024 113.7l22.98 19.284-2.57 3.064-22.98-19.284m1.74 8.8l22.982 19.283-2.57 3.064-22.983-19.28m59.81-4.69l-22.98 19.29 2.57 3.065 22.98-19.284m-1.743 8.8l-22.98 19.283 2.57 3.064 22.983-19.282m-59.81 16.833l22.98 19.284-2.57 3.065-22.98-19.283m1.74 8.8l22.983 19.284-2.57 3.062-22.983-19.282m59.81-4.687l-22.98 19.284 2.57 3.065 22.98-19.28m-1.743 8.8l-22.98 19.28 2.57 3.065 22.983-19.28"/>
      <path class="roof" fill="#C2E3D7" d="M189.76 61.268l25 27-25 27-25-27"/>
      <path class="detail" fill="#FFF" d="M164.925 83.888l24.372 26.518 24.366-26.518 2.24 5.176-26.606 29.824-27.394-29.824"/>
      <path class="detail" fill="#FFF" d="M187.706 57.864h5v30h-5z"/>
    <g class="lake">
      <path class="beach" fill="#D6E1E8" d="M35.187 256.416h386v8h-386"/>
      <g class="boat1" transform="translate(132.82 275.77)">
        <path d="M.725 31.718h45l-3.342 14H9.88l-9.155-14z" id="hull" fill="#D6E1E8"/>
        <text class="comment" font-family="EnzoOT-Black, Enzo OT" font-size="12.0473531" font-weight="700" fill="#FFF">
          <tspan x="31.3015812" y="42.3040746">//</tspan>
        <path class="mast" fill="#D6E1E8" d="M17.386 8.87h4v24h-4"/>
        <path class="sail" fill="#D6E1E8" d="M24.41.92v25h20"/>
        <use class="detail" stroke="#FFF" mask="url(#mask-2)" stroke-width="5.13" xlink:href="#path-1"/>
        <path class="detail" fill="#FFF" d="M34.07 17.104l3.862-1.035.518 1.93-3.864 1.03m-11.453 1.21l3.864-1.037.517 1.93-3.864 1.037"/>
      <g class="boat2" fill="#D6E1E8">
        <path class="hull" d="M339.4 301.44h-50l13.722 13h24.158"/>
        <path class="mast" d="M315.924 276.674h-4v25h4z"/>
        <path class="sail" d="M308.524 276.44l-10 20h10m11.056-20l20 20h-20"/>
      <g class="duck" transform="translate(211.244 320)" fill="#D6E1E8">
        <rect class="torso" x="0.0292825736" y="7.62807107" width="30" height="14" rx="7"/>
        <ellipse class="head" cx="26.1322536" cy="5.62564369" rx="6.5" ry="5"/>
        <path class="beak" d="M31.24 7.56v-4l8 1.454"/>
      <path class="ripples detail" d="M274.133 307.624h-13v-4h13m-38.153 3.916h-14v-3.916h14m-17 4h-14v-4h14m27.21 3.884h-7v-4h7m-44.888 4h-7v-4h7m56.152 4.116h-7v-4h7m-22.48 53.24h-27.36v-3.916h27.36m10.533 4h-7v-4h7m-87.165-16.93h24v-4h-24m35.6 3.874h-7v-4h7m108.46 2.125h-24v-4h24m-35.602 3.875h7v-4h-7m-58.457-40.54h-7v-4h7m10.903 4h-7v-4h7m-21.34 4h-14v-4h14m84.65 4.392h-50v-4h50" fill="#E6ECF0"/>


body, html {
    height: 100%;
    width: 100%;
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0;

  margin: 0 auto;

.sqWindowGroup1, .sqWindowGroup2, .roundWindowGroup1 { visibility: hidden; }

svg { visibility: hidden; max-width: 90%; display: block; margin: 0 auto; }




// Could use optimization of variables here 

var sqWindowGroup1 = $('.sqwGroup'), foliage = $('.foliage_animated'), sqw1 = $('[data-index="1"]'), sqw2 = $('[data-index="2"]'), sqw3 = $('[data-index="3"]'), sqw4 = $('[data-index="4"]'),  sqw5 = $('[data-index="5"]'),  sqw6 = $('[data-index="6"]'),  sqw7 = $('[data-index="7"]'),  sqw8 = $('[data-index="8"]'),  sqw9 = $('[data-index="9"]'),  sqw10 = $('[data-index="10"]'),  sqw11 = $('[data-index="11"]'),  sqw12 = $('[data-index="12"]'),  sqw13 = $('[data-index="13"]'),  sqw14 = $('[data-index="14"]'),  sqw15 = $('[data-index="15"]'),  sqw16 = $('[data-index="16"]'),  sqw17 = $('[data-index="17"]'),  sqw18 = $('[data-index="18"]'),  sqw19 = $('[data-index="19"]'),  sqw20 = $('[data-index="20"]'),  sqw21 = $('[data-index="21"]'),  sqw22 = $('[data-index="22"]'),  sqw23 = $('[data-index="23"]'),  sqw24 = $('[data-index="24"]'), svg = $("svg"); 

TweenMax.from(svg, 1, {autoAlpha:0, ease:Power1.easeIn})

// Each "round" of animations below is a represetation of how a pattern would evolve according to the rules of Conway's Game of Life.

var t2 = new TimelineMax({repeat:0});
t2.timeScale(2) (foliage, 30, {bezier:{curviness:2, values:[{x:10, y:-10}, {x:15, y:-40}, {x:1, y:-80}, {x:10, y:-100}, {x:20, y:-200}], autoRotate:true}, ease:Power1.easeInOut}, "+=10")

var tl = new TimelineMax({repeat: -1});
  .from(sqWindowGroup1, 3, {autoAlpha: 0, ease:Power1.easeIn}, "round0")
  .to ([sqw6, sqw8, sqw9, sqw14, sqw15, sqw16, sqw17, sqw19, sqw22, sqw24],  2, {autoAlpha: 0, ease:Power1.easeOut}, "+=3")
  .to ([sqw2, sqw4, sqw5, sqw7, sqw11, sqw12], 2, {autoAlpha: 0, ease:Power1.easeOut}, "round1+=3")
  .to ([sqw6, sqw9, sqw15, sqw24], 2, {autoAlpha: 1, ease:Power1.easeIn}, "round1+=3")
  .to ([sqw9, sqw15, sqw20, sqw21], 2, {autoAlpha: 0, ease:Power1.easeOut}, "round2+=3")
  .to ([sqw4, sqw8], 2, {autoAlpha: 1, ease:Power1.easeIn}, "round2+=3")
  .to ([sqw4, sqw10, sqw20, sqw23], 2, {autoAlpha: 0, ease:Power1.easeOut}, "round3+=3")
  .to ([sqw9, sqw11, sqw14, sqw20], 2, {autoAlpha: 1, ease:Power1.easeIn}, "round3+=3")
  .to ([sqw3, sqw6, sqw9, sqw11, sqw18], 2, {autoAlpha: 0, ease:Power1.easeOut}, "round4+=3")
  .to ([sqw4], 2, {autoAlpha: 1, ease:Power1.easeIn}, "round4+=3")
  .to ([sqw1, sqw8, sqw14, sqw20], 2, {autoAlpha: 0, ease:Power1.easeOut}, "round5+=3")
  .to ([sqw3, sqw5, sqw6, sqw7, sqw11, sqw12, sqw16, sqw17], 2, {autoAlpha: 1, ease:Power1.easeIn}, "round5+=3")
  .to (sqWindowGroup1, 2, {autoAlpha: 0, ease:Power1.easeOut}, "round6+=3")