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                <!doctype html>
	<meta charset="utf-8">
	<title>A Storm in 2K (Taper #5)</title>

<!-- “A Storm in 2K” Copyright (C) 2020 J. R. Carpenter

Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved. This file is offered as-is,
without any warranty.

This is from Taper #5: Pent Up, Fall 2020:

These couplets are composed of language collected from multiple ship’s
logs recording a storm in the North Atlantic 6 February 1870. The logs
were consulted at the National Meteorological Library and Archive at
the Met Office in Exeter, UK.


	body { margin:0 ; overflow:hidden }
	a { color:#eee ; text-decoration:none }
	header { margin:0 ; padding:0 ; background-color:#444 ; color:#bbb ;
		position:relative ; z-index:1000 }
	header > h1 { margin:0 ; font-size:12px ; font-family:sans-serif ;
		border-bottom:1px #999 solid ; padding:5px 10px ; line-height:17px }
<header id=nav>
		<del>Taper #5 :
		Pent Up</del> : Fall 2020 <br>
		"Sadder and Wiser" by
		Timothy Wilcox <del>J.R. Carpenter</del>:
		<a href="quarters.html">&lt;&lt;</a> &mdash;
		<a href="a_square_tweets_recollections_of_spaceland.html">&gt;&gt;</a>
</header> <!-- The poem that follows, up to </body>, is at most 2kb -->
<style>body{background: #333;font-family: Courier New, Courier; font-size: 14pt; cursor: crosshair;}

.wrapper{width:500px;height:400px;position:absolute;left:50%;top:50%;transform:translate(-50%,-50%);border-radius:5px;background-image:linear-gradient(to top,#436fa1 0%, #e7f0fd 100%);overflow:hidden;}
.wave {width:1000px;height:825px;position:absolute;top:-25%;left:50%;margin-left:-500px;margin-top:-500px;border-radius:35%;background:rgba(255, 255, 255, .175);animation:wave 15s infinite linear;}@keyframes wave{from{transform:rotate(0deg);}from{transform:rotate(360deg);}}h1{font-size:18pt;}#title{text-align:center;color:#89a4bb;}#main{margin:64pt 64pt;line-height:1.5em;}</style>
var t=0;var first='eftsoons his hand dropt he|holds him with his glittering eye|merrily did we drop|cannot chuse but hear|southward aye we fled|it grew wondrous cold|I had done a hellish thing|the silence of the sea|nor breath nor motion|upon a painted ocean|the very deep did rot|restless gossameres|with far-heard whisper|too quick for groan or sight|the rotting sea|like lead into the sea|drunken in my dreams|limbs like lifeless tools|sweet jargoning|makes the heavens be mute|moved onward from beneath|two voices in the air|mingled strangely with my fears|felt like a welcoming|dead men could not blast|forced me to begin my tale'.split('|');var second='wandered far|respect the feelings|perversity of judgement|doomed to encounter|provoked direct hostility|a portion of fear|predisposes the mind to anger|an unquiet state of mind|great pleasure|separate and insulated|plague-spots|images all a-glow|strained thought|forced diction|hazarded in the heroic couplet|despised and exploded errors|additional and important light|poetic fruitage|our common consciousness'.split('|');function rand_range(max){return Math.floor(Math.random()*(max+1));}function c(array){return array[rand_range(array.length-1)];}function story(){var main=document.getElementById('main');if(t<=0){t+=1;}else{main.removeChild(document.getElementById('main').firstChild);}last=document.createElement('div');last.appendChild(document.createTextNode(c(first)));last.appendChild(document.createElement('br'));last.appendChild(document.createTextNode(c(second)));main.appendChild(last);}function produce_stories(){story();setInterval(story,4000);}window.onload=produce_stories;</script><div id="title"><h1>1798; 1817</h1></div><div class="wrapper"><div id="main"></div><div class="wave"></div></div>