I made a bunch of goofy code joke Valentines for 2017, and figured I might as well post them here.


  You’re such ´ that I can’t escape you

  <link rel="canonical attachment prefetch" href="you">

  <input name="you" autocomplete="me" required>

  <source srcset="me-happy.jpg" 
          type="tall/dark; and=handsome" 
          media="(orientation: any)"/>
  <img src="me-sad.jpg"/>


  <!DOCTYPE you>
<you manifest="ly attractive" class="and how">
  <head profile="stunning"></head>
  <body bottommargin="hella"></body>


  <view id="nice" viewTarget="you"/>

  <filter id="you">
  <feMorphology operator="smooth"
                style="so fresh"
                class="heck yes"

  <use xlink:href="#your-charm" id="me" onactivate="this.swoon()"/>


  .my-feelings > .you {
  will-change: never !important;

  .you:in-range:not(.taken) {
  right: on;
  clear: the-scene;
  display: muscles;
  align-self: next-to;
  animation: eyebrow-waggle 1s infinite;

  .me::after .you {
  color: blue;
  transition: painful;

  .you + .me {
  mix-blend-mode: soft-light;

Other languages

  const us = you + this;

  HTTP/1.1 302 Found
Location: /path/to/my-heart
User-Agent: you/1.0

  me << your_arms

  <stylesheet xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform">
  <template match="you">
      <when test="(@loves = 'me')">😀</when>
      <when test="not((@loves = 'me'))">😭</when>

  $ git checkout you
> failed: checkout you
msg: Failed to checkout Your Face
FATAL: too handsome -- swooning

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