Metaphors have power. Mind which ones you prioritize.

LEGOs are rigid plastic with only one interface: the stud.

LEGOs do not reconfigure to fit a screen.

LEGOs do not stretch to accommodate their contents.

LEGOs are inaccessible to the blind (colors) and motor-impaired (assembling, disassembling).

LEGOs can be notoriously difficult to separate.

LEGOs cannot join with unofficial materials/pieces or they risk discoloration, deformation, and getting broke. This includes sunlight.

If you need a piece that LEGO doesn’t make, you are out of luck.

If you need a color that LEGO doesn’t make, you are out of luck.

Nobody is allowed to create stuff that works with LEGO pieces other than LEGO.

LEGOs that change state, have memories, or are otherwise useful are banished to other, more advanced brand names, like Technic and Mindstorms/NXT.

Web components (not Web Components™) are not quite like LEGOs.

In fact, they’re very different.

LEGOs are toys, as it turns out.

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